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    Votre Stratégie Digitale : Est-ce le moment de la redéfinir ?
    7 octobre 2020
    Jahia Team

    Petit rappel : votre stratégie digitale définit la façon dont votre organisation met en place sa technologie, s'adapte aux évolutions du marché et développe un moteur durable qui générera un véritable ROI pour vos efforts organisationnels et de marketing.

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    Jahia remporte un prix prestigieux !
    23 septembre 2020
    Jahia Team

    Les MarTech Breakthrough Awards viennent tout juste d'annoncer que notre solution jContent a remporté le prix de meilleure plateforme de gestion de contenu pour 2020.

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    La DXP peut-elle engendrer des coûts cachés ?
    8 septembre 2020
    Matthew Kippen

    Vous avez déjà acheté une voiture d'occasion ? Eh bien Le processus d'achat d'une plateforme d'expérience digitale, ou DXP, est très similaire. Vous voulez savoir pourquoi ?

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    CMS ou DXP : quelles différences ?
    26 août 2020
    Matthew Kippen

    Le monde Martech adore l'idée selon laquelle le choix entre CMS et DXP est une question déterminante pour toute organisation, mais en réalité ce débat est superficiel. Et voici pourquoi

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    What Is a Content Management System?
    17 août 2020
    Jahia Team

    Have you ever heard the phrase “Content is King?” Well, if you’re a marketer or IT professional, this isn’t just an overused idiom – you are literally servant, maid and serf to the content that your organization produces on a daily basis.

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    It's Time to Stack Up Not Suite Out
    14 juillet 2020
    Aston Whiteling

      What's best for my business? The Suite or the Stack? It’s a question that’s dogged the technology world for decades. The crux of this debate revolves on whether it’s better to enshrine your marketing technology in the walled-garden of a single Tech Giant or entrust it to the wild west of smaller, more agile Challenger Tech companies. This choice dictates how your digital strategy will evolve. Or...

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    L'innovation par itération
    26 mai 2020
    Rami Chahine

    Dans de nombreuses entreprises technologiques, on entend souvent dire que la croissance passe par l'innovation. Que la finalité de l'innovation (créer la « next big thing ») est le marqueur ultime de la réussite, une promesse faite et tenue aux investisseurs, aux clients et à l'organisation dans son ensemble. Cet état d'esprit a engendré certaines des plus grandes technologies de ces dernières décennies,...

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    Creating A Progressive Web App In 2 Weeks - Part 2
    2 décembre 2019
    Jahia Team

    Alex and Lars have developed content definitions and are ready to start linking the app. Will they make the 2 week timeline? Find out in the 2nd part of their story!

  • Part 1.png
    Creating A Progressive Web App In 2 Weeks - Part 1
    2 décembre 2019
    Jahia Team

    At Jahia, we are committed to making digital simpler. To that end, we decided to run an experiment: Could an agency with no prior experience with Jahia create a new web app within 2 weeks, utilizing Jahia's Content & Media Manager as a headless CMS? This is 1st part of that story

  • Why You Should Assess Your Digital Experience Stack (DXS)
    14 novembre 2019
    Jahia Team

    With technology as an integral part of every business and customer journey, modern companies have hundreds to thousands of digital touchpoints including websites; mobile apps; social media, and more. Together, these touchpoints make up your organization’s marketing technology. With Jahia’s new Digital Experience Stack Assessment Tool, you can analyze your current marketing technologies against industry benchmarks and receive recommendations for improvement and integrations.

  • What Is A CDP blog image.jpg (Web)
    What Is a CDP?
    14 mars 2019
    Jahia Team

      CDPs, or Customer Data Platforms, have recently become a hot-button topic of conversation. Mentioned usually, but not always, in the same breath as DXPs. Now, while we wouldn’t necessarily say that it’s incorrect to pair these two together, it is important to know that DXPs and CDPs are not the same thing. It would be like comparing a watermelon with an orange – sure, they’re both fruit, but try...

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    Customer Highlight - Al-Monitor
    28 février 2019
    Valerie Voci

    Al-Monitor has never been about doing things “traditionally.” Launching in 2012 as a digital-only media platform, our focus has been and continues to be on reporting and analyzing news from the Middle East for western audiences, including the United States, much of Europe, and even Australia. With over 160 authors, contributors, reporters, and editors producing market-leading content for an international market, we need technology that can help us adapt to and meet those needs.

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    What is Headless?
    13 février 2019
    Jahia Team

    “Headless” has become one of the most buzzed-about terms in the industry as of late. Headless-enabled. Headless-first. Headless-optional. We even mention such enablement in our own products. But if you’re not familiar with what this means – or the incredible effect it can have on your CMS – it can just come off as gobbledygook. So, as always, let’s make it simple!

  • #4 Banner.jpg ( Jahia Blog)
    Top Four Ways To Prepare For The "Headless" Revolution
    6 février 2019
    Jahia Team

    February is Jahia’s month of Headless! Each week, we will be sharing a new blog post dedicated to helping you navigate the rocky seas of Headless technology and capabilities. This week, we'll be diving into the top four ways you and your company can ready yourselves to hit the ground running!

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    What Do We Mean By “Making Digital Simpler?”
    30 janvier 2019
    Jahia Team

    It’s our slogan. Our motto. Our raison d'être. “Making Digital Simpler” defines the very essence of what Jahia is and what we do, and as such has been a regularly-featured phrase on our products, our websites, our tchotchkes, and even the banners we take with us to tradeshows. But what does it mean?

  • BNP-Paribas-Blogpost-customer-highlight.jpg
    Customer Highlight - BNP Paribas
    23 janvier 2019
    Jahia Team

    As a leading multi-asset provider in all these competitive international markets, BNP Paribas Securities Services needs to effectively stand out. This all starts with their website, the entry point for many of their prospects.

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    Une plateforme d'expérience digitale (DXP), c'est quoi ?
    16 janvier 2019
    Jahia Team

      Une des questions qu'on nous pose le plus souvent est « C'est quoi une DXP ? » Il n'est pas difficile de comprendre pourquoi : depuis l'apparition de ce terme il y a quelques années, il semblerait que chacun soit parvenu à sa propre définition. De Gartner à Forrester en passant par le blog tech que votre collègue lit pendant sa pause déjeuner, ces trois lettres ont été plus disséquées qu'une grenouille...

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    Welcome to Jahia Blog v1.5
    9 janvier 2019
    Jahia Team

    A new year means new changes. Unlike our commitment to hot yoga, though, these changes are exciting in a way that won’t leave you gasping for breath afterwards. Let us tell you a bit about them: