Jahia 6.5 first Service Pack now available

After the launch of Jahia 6.5 in June this year, we focused our efforts on smoothing the user experience and integrating feedback from our community and corporate users.

Jahia 6.5 SP1 features the following improvements:

  • jQuery upgrade from 1.5 to 1.6
  • Improved performances for Edit Mode by reducing the amount of Ajax requests
  • Simplification of roles management UI by splitting Live and Edit roles in different tabs
  • We introduced an "activate language in live mode" stage to avoid immediate access to a new declared languages even when empty
  • We re-introduced the "default template" concept (which was used in Jahia 6.0)
  • Improved management of jsessionID: we removed it from URLS in nearly all cases
  • Improved configuration with additional parameter accessible through the installer

From September 28th, all packages available from the download page of our website feature Jahia 6.5.1.

If you have downloaded Jahia from our download section BEFORE September 28th, you will find the migration path to Jahia 6.5.1 from this Service Pack page.