What Do We Mean By “Making Digital Simpler?”

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It’s our slogan. Our motto. Our raison d'être. “Making Digital Simpler” defines the very essence of what Jahia is and what we do, and as such has been a regularly-featured phrase on our products, our websites, our tchotchkes, and even the banners we take with us to tradeshows.

But what does it mean?

21st Century Digital

The term “digital” has taken on a number of different meanings over the last couple decades, as the sheer speed of human development has shaped and reshaped it according to the technology it’s being applied to. No longer just confined to 1’s and 0’s, “digital” can apply to everything from your TV to your mail to your watch. At its very essence, though, digital can be said to be anything that exists through non-physical data, or has functionality that takes this data and applies it through various intermediaries, or devices.

It’s a confusing definition, we admit. But the essence we want to get at is that this ultimately means each industry defines what “digital” is for themselves. In our industry, which has been termed by some as “customer experience,” digital becomes the way in which companies engage and interact with their customers using technology. When it’s put like that, it sounds simple, right?


The Art of Simplicity

We’ll be frank: “customer experience” is not simple. The number of moving pieces that go into building out what this looks like – from the technology to the implementation to system integrations to the numerous hours spent behind-the-scenes crafting and guiding a cohesive journey for numerous customer personas…well, it’s a bit staggering. We can’t pretend that delivering an effective customer experience is easy, or that it can be done effortlessly, because that would be making light of the very real issues many companies face on a daily basis.

With that said, though, we believe it can be “simpler.” That just because the technology itself is complicated doesn’t mean that finding a way to implement a solution that works for your organization has to be. That just because you have a lot of disparate systems already in place doesn’t mean that we can’t help you more simply communicate and integrate with each of them. That just because everyone in the industry is trying to confuse you with buzzwords and acronyms that over-complicate the basic essentials of communicating better with your customers doesn’t mean that we will too.

In other words: yes, crafting an excellent customer experience in the digital age is a long and hard process. But with Jahia, we can at least make it a less stress-inducing one.