Open Source, Java-Based DXP Platform

Integrate new and legacy systems quickly and securely into your digital experience stack using customizable, modular architecture.


Deliver Content Faster and With Less Effort

  • Feed Single Page Applications (SPA) and mobile applications with the powerful and extendable GraphQL endpoints

  • Create dynamic pages by aggregating views for components and only rendering content that the user has rights to see

  • Deploy-free coding means changes in your views (JSP, CSS, Javascript files) are recognized as soon as you make them

  • Fragment-based HTML cache ensures content is regenerated only when needed using smart dependency analysis and scoped invalidation

  • WYSIWYG edit mode lets content creators work without having to write code

  • Omnichannel delivery means you can design, preview, and publish content targeted to specific channels - web, mobile, apps, or anything else - simultaneously

  • Content Delivery Compliant (CDN) websites that can be delivered with industry-leading delivery networks, such as Cloudflare, Cloudfront and Azure CDN

Powerful Clustering and Scaling

  • Apache Karaf Cellar-enabled  dynamic clustering, wherein new cluster nodes can be automatically discovered and added without modifying any configurations or restarting any nodes

  • Maintain top performance on high-traffic websites with our multi-layered caching subsystem


Open Source Core

  • Apache Karaf container provides a modern OSGi runtime, embedded in a web application that can be deployed on supported application servers (Apache Tomcat, IBM Websphere, JBoss

  • With Spring framework paired alongside Apache Karaf, architecture can be dynamically modified even while servers are running

  • OSGi, a dynamic module for Java, offers hot deployment, dependency management, isolation, and ready-made tools for extensions or new functionality

  • Using external data providers, you can integrate non-JCR (Java Content Repository) content into Jahia and have it managed like JCR content

  • Includes built-in services such as Elasticsearch, JBoss Drools rule engine, LDAP support and more

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