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Jahia puts the customer at the heart of each enterprise’s digital success. Jahia enables CMOs and CIOs to become digital leaders in their industry through 1:1 customer relationships powered by digital innovation, digital trust and a customer-centric digital workforce.

With Jahia, CMOs and CIOs can partner to capitalize on market disruption and gain digital agility now to secure market leadership and long-lasting competitive advantage through personalized digital experiences.

Digital Innovation

Jahia breaks down organizational and systems silos for a single, unified view of who each customer is and  what they need. Jahia powers innovation in customer experience with a consistent, relevant, personalized experience for each customer across all employee interactions and digital touchpoints.


Digital Trust

Jahia puts consumer data privacy and protection in the center of the brand relationship so that each customer has control of their digital life. Jahia establishes trust between enterprises and their customers to power long-term brand loyalty, advocacy and lifetime value.

Digital Workforce

Jahia aggregates enterprise applications, data and content for a single, unified platform to power employee experience, enterprise-wide collaboration and new digital initiatives. Jahia transforms your workforce to make each employee a change agent and ambassador of the brand. 



In our industry, when you talk to a developer and ask for something, you may think (or even get back as an answer) “it’s not possible” and that is where your thinking stops. In that case, you never move forward because the easiest things are the most complex to develop and require the highest level of innovation. But the right developer — particularly the most gifted one — will say, “It was a challenging but technically motivating problem, so I worked on it all night. Look, it’s working.”

Not having those skills to code is frustrating because I cannot do what I imagine. It’s like magic for me. But my problem, as a software entrepreneur, is the problem that everyone in a global company has as soon as he or she tries to interact with the fast-growing digital world as a non-tech employee.

In 2002, I decided to start a new journey that became Jahia Solutions Group because I didn’t believe that “it’s not possible” was the correct answer. I also met the Swiss co-founders of Jahia Solutions Group at that same time. They shared the same ease-of-use vision, adding the open-source, open-minded approach on top of it. With far less resources than ideal, that initial Swiss-French team built extraordinary software, delivering great value to fantastic customers. We are deeply proud of that.

Since day one, we at Jahia have visualized the convergence of digital capabilities that are now defining the current digital transformation for enterprise. Accordingly, we built our software for that purpose from the ground up - it is the foundation of our software (vs. adapting software to meet this need, which is what is happening with many in the marketplace).

We also value and respect our customers and what they contribute to their customers and our community. Having an open source model enables our customers to influence our software development roadmap. While the technology is great, it is all the more so as a result of our proximity with our customers.

The Jahia platform is built according to our own values, which include: a customer-centric focus and community model, industrialized capabilities (scalable), intelligent workflows, standards-based, efficient, expandable AND simple so that even non-tech savvy users would be comfortable with it.

Bootstrapped initially, we are now delivering one of the most advanced open-source user experience platforms that delivers thoughtfully-designed digital customer experiences. It combines web content management, document management and portal capabilities with a unified interface geared toward business users. We decided to raise global customers before raising money; we have now won an amazing list of recurring customers based on a proven, well-balanced and sustainable open-source business model.

So yes, it’s possible - and we did it.

Working with our customers for the last decade, we are providing a unified interface for business people that aggregates content, documents, digital assets, applications and data to help them manage, create and contextualize what customers and employees are actually seeing at at enterprise digital touchpoints. Through those digital touchpoints, we are able to collect an enormous amount of data.

I believe it is time to put people back in the center of Digital Disruption. Web experience management (WEM) tools are powerful - but not at the cost of data privacy. This is the basis of one of our key initiatives going forward, which is the CXS standard at OASIS and its reference implementation at Apache Foundation, the Apache Unomi Project.

The Apache Unomi Project consists of a people-centric big data front-end with data privacy in its core, giving an API to understand what data are being collected, where it is being used and allows people control it in terms of deciding to anonymize their data. I strongly believe in the open source community development model to ensure the best possible data privacy and create a transparent, thus ethical, web experience management for the good of all: vendors, brands, consumers and users. I also believe that ‘anonymization’ is a fair and acceptable consensus between how important WEM tools are for digital enterprise (as a pillar of authentic enterprise digital transformation) and the fact that digital customers need and should have data privacy protection. For a brand to gain customer loyalty, there must be customer trust. 

The same trust that the amazing Jahia has team built with our customers to accomplish their successful digital transformation for the last decade is the reason why we are now the most innovative leader of the new Digital Experience market.

~ Elie Auvray, Co-Founder and CEO, Jahia Solutions Group

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Jahia is the only software that helps brands  to create, manage and contextualize what customers and employees actually see at all enterprise digital touchpoints.


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