Improve Brand Consistency

Localized, Omni-Channel Customer Experiences

Deliver brand-consistent experiences across languages, sites, and devices. Jahia’s technical flexibility empowers global companies to maintain any number of region-specific websites, apps, or portals — all from one centralized platform.


Optimize: Visual Content Editing

Content contributors are given a simple-to-use visual interface with WYSIWYG, drag & drop and reusable content modules — as well as full-featured personalization and A/B testing.

They can quickly build full pages with reusable (i.e. brand-approved) components.

With full version control capabilities, contributors can easily write and share content with reviewers, and publish changes immediately.

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Localize: Seamless Translation

Tailor content to key regions, while maintaining brand consistency. With Jahia, you can create more than 100 language versions of your content.

You can write these language versions yourself, or they can be automatically translated by leveraging our native integration with

Translated content can be shared across multiple sites and pages, enabling seamless multi-language personalization.

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Delivery: Omni-Channel Customer Experiences

Deliver content on the digital channels most relevant to your audience. This means engaging customers on any new device, social media network, or applications.

Jahia’s centralized platform is channel agnostic, so you can quickly spin up and deliver fresh experiences on your most important digital channels. With Jahia, your content will remain consistent across all devices and delivery methods.

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Platform Highlights

visual content interface

Visual Content Interface

With WYSIWYG editing, drag & drop and quick copy/paste capabilities for all your content types - make it fast & simple for your authors, editors, collaborators and translators with a visually engaging and easy to use content interface.

seamless localization

Seamless Localization

Compare localized content versions side-by-side, with the ability to make small amendments for different regions, or full translations into more than 100 supported languages. Automate the process completely with a native integration to

multi-channe delivery

Multi-Channel Delivery

Jahia content is channel agnostic — you can quickly spin up new delivery channels, while leveraging a centralized content management platform to ensure brand-consistent messaging across all devices and delivery methods.

one platform connected connected experiences

One Platform, Connected Customer Experiences

Our Digital Experience Platform (DXP) is built to be open and extensible. That means you can launch diverse customer experiences (websites, portals, apps, etc.) in one central platform no matter where you are pulling your data from. Jahia is the foundation of your technology stack.