Create Websites & Portals using Jahia Experience Platform

  • Highest rated experience platform by both Marketers and IT teams
  • Headless and traditional CMS, fully extensible with 400+ connectors
  • Integrated CDP for world class personalization, optimization and A/B testing
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Design your customer journeys with ease

Jahia's digital experience platform is designed to answer your most complex needs with a simpler and progressive approach. Start building your digital customer journey and easily scale at your pace.


Gather your teams

Transform the way your team works together to deliver outstanding digital experiences.


Content Manager

Keep control of content in an interface where autonomy and efficiency are at the heart of the experience

Digital Marketer

Rapidly deploy data-driven optimizations and measure results immediately

IT Leader

Work with a solution that's as flexible as it is secure for fast, reliable deployments


Develop in a documented environment using the latest trendy technologies

Strive for excellence

Create and manage your digital content effortlessly. Collect data from your website and your martech stack. Leverage it to optimize your customers’ experiences. Repeat.

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Easily create and manage websites, portals and apps from one single platform. No matter how complex your digital project is (multi-site, multi-language, multi-brand etc.), Jahia’s Content Management System (CMS) empowers you to deliver brand-consistent experiences on all your digital channels. 

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Collect first-party customer data, events and data from your MarTech stack in real-time to build a 360° profile of your customers with Jahia’s Customer Data Platform (CDP).

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Connect all your tools (CRM, Marketing automation, DAM, PIM, etc.) and leverage Jahia's 400+ no code connectors to manage your data flow.

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Deliver personalized experiences from day 1! Leverage content and data from one single platform to analyze, test and increase your conversions rate.

With an award-winning solution

Jahia is the leader in Digital Experience Platforms (DXP) according to the opinions of its many users


Jahia DXP: Multi language and multi-website support

What do you like best about Jahia DXP? Jahia DXP supports multi-languages and multi-websites. This helps to easily manage the content and the website in an optimal and effective way. It also helps us organize our content and keep a well-structured website. Jahia is always receptive and increasingly improving itself, for example, the support team is always on hand to quickly fix problems, helping my work continue as planned, without wasting time. Jahia help us update the website quickly and speed up the go-live process.


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For outstanding results

Discover how our clients use our solutions to improve brand consistency, increase lead generation and encourage customers’ retention.




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