Jahia Cloud gives you the scale, capabilities and support to make the world your digital experience playground. Jahia Cloud is powered by AWS, Docker and Jelastic Container Orchestration technology.

There are many solutions on the market that can help you manage your customer data or your content — the two key pieces for delivering great digital experiences. However, only Jahia brings customer data and content together so you can deliver engaging, personalized experiences faster. With easy ways to connect to your other best-of-breed tools, Jahia is the foundation of your marketing technology stack.


What is Jahia?

Jahia is the only Digital Experience Platform (or DXP) that truly empowers you to deliver personalized customer journeys powered by data. This is accomplished in three ways:

  • A Customer Data Platform (or CDP), built on an open source core, that allows you to track and segment target audiences for a full 360° customer view

  • A Content Management System (or CMS) to manage your content on a global scale

  • An Integration Hub that unifies your content, data, and applications into one cohesive marketing stack


The Jahia Difference


Faster Time-to-Value

Jahia gets your project ready to launch in weeks, not months. That means more time engaging with your customers via the touchpoints that matter to them.

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Future Proof

Jahia’s open integration capabilities ensure that, no matter what new technologies or applications are developed, you will always have the tools to incorporate them into your technology stack and digital strategy.

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Build your entire digital framework from scratch or leverage cutting-edge API technology to bring in outside options...or both! There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to delivering digital experiences - that’s why Jahia’s hybrid publishing model gives you the best of both worlds.

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United Customer Data + Content

Jahia empowers marketers to better leverage their customer data and content to increase conversions and drive engagement. Build unique segment-driven strategies, personalize and test content so it’s tailored to your market, and continuously improve your digital experience.

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Platform Highlights



Jahia can be customized to fit the needs of Marketers and Developers through additional applications and add-ons, all through our App Store. Check it out for yourself



Choose from over 400 native connectors or create your own. And with our drag & drop tool, you can build integrations in minutes. Learn more



Jahia’s Cloud is HIPAA & ISO 27001 certified. That means you get the security you need without the upfront expenses. Learn more



Jahia guarantees an industry-leading 99.9% product uptime, along with fully-automated backup and restore, zero downtime platform upgrades, and 24/7 customer support. Learn more

Jahia ranks first overall for technical evaluation in Ars Logica’s independent analysis of the 16 most significant solutions in the web content management market.

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"Customers looking for a foundational best-of-breed platform upon which to unify a range of DX-related initiatives would do well to consider Jahia."

– Ars Logica

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Go hands-on with the world’s first true DXP:
  • Pre-built templates, guided tutorials and in-depth video guides.

  • Full access to Jahia’s content management and personalization capabilities.