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Focus on the collaboration between Lyon Métropole Habitat and Jahia with Christophe Simon, Project Manager in the IT Systems Department.

Lyon Metropole Habitat, the leading social housing entity in the Lyon metropolitan area has been managing their website and client extranet on the Jahia platform since their creation in 2016. Their website, www.lmhabitat.fr, is one of the main focal points for browsing available housing and parking, learning about the business and their services and completing processes through the client extranet.

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A reliable and scalable platform 

When the project was launched, having an advanced and robust content management platform was a deciding factor for Lyon Métropole Habitat.  “The development of our client extranet was raising issues in terms of volume and scalability (...) We have a large number of tenants using our online services, so we needed a serious tool that could handle this volume,” says Christophe Simon, explaining why Jahia was chosen. 

Lyon Metropole Habitat has an inventory of over 33,000 dwellings and more than 65,000 tenants/occupiers. The organization found in Jahia an upgradeable platform that could adapt easily to the use of the site and the extranet by as many people as needed.

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“A toolbox designed for customization”

Some high praise for Jahia from Christophe Simon. This approach enabled Lyon Métropole Habitat to develop a client extranet tailored to their needs. The extranet was designed to offer numerous online services while staying user-friendly. 

Because Jahia offers a variety of possible connectors and integrations, a number of features could be implemented, including:

  • Personalized sign in: the Jahia platform identifies a user’s profile by verifying the information available in the Lyon Métropole Habitat’s information system and then adjusts the features available in the extranet accordingly.
  • Creation of secure accounts: information sent when creating an account is cross-referenced with Lyon Métropole Habitat’s information system to check its authenticity and provide users with greater security.
  • Creation of alerts for new listings: users can be notified when a new listing that matches their criteria is posted online. Jahia automatically creates a link to the ad and sends it to the user.
  • Document access: the Jahia platform dynamically retrieves the user’s documents (due-date notices, annual statement of charges, etc.) in Lyon Métropole Habitat’s electronic document management system and centralizes them in the user’s profile.
  • Submission of documents on the platform: documents submitted by tenants on their accounts are sent to Lyon Métropole Habitat’s information system for processing.
  • Online payment: tenants can pay rent online using the integrated online payment solution. 
  • Customer relations: tenants can send applications to Lyon Métropole Habitat’s customer relations center and get receipts for rent paid.

All these services can be accessed from a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

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Personalized and attentive customer service

Christophe Simon also spoke about Jahia’s support offered with the license: “It’s a great thing, which I’ve tried but failed to find with other publishers (...), it’s very much appreciated.”  

The support Jahia includes in licenses provides real follow-up suited to client needs. For Lyon Métropole Habitat, whenever a specific need arose, the Jahia team was able to deliver the help required by calling on a specialist in the subject at hand.  

Hanna Korchia
Hanna Korchia

Head of Marketing at Jahia