Simplifying the Digital Transformation

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The world has gone digital.

You know it and your customers know it.

We at Jahia know it and our customers know it.

Unfortunately, knowing is only half the battle!

At Jahia, we pride ourselves on the claims that our Digital Experience Platform (DXP) is:

  • Simply Faster
  • Simply Flexible
  • Simply Stackable
  • Simply Remarkable

But what marketers and IT professionals want to know is:

What does this really mean, and why are those claims important during critical times for my business?

In this blog, we’ll break down why these four claims make all the difference during important, transformational times for your business.

Simply Faster

How many times have you as a marketer needed a quick change to your website, only to find that your web developer is on vacation, or your application developer is busy working on another project? Or maybe your website is managed by an external consultant or an outsourced IT company, and those resources have a 48-hour SLA. These are real-world problems that most marketers deal with on a regular basis.

Or maybe you are a developer and you receive an urgent request to build a new web experience because your company’s direct competitor just went out of business and you need to target a new audience of customers. The new web experience needs to be completed by the end of the day and you just don’t have the time to finish it.

With Jahia, these real problems are simply solved. New web experiences, new web pages, new applications, and new pieces of content can be built in minutes. Don’t take our word, take the word of Altola, Inc., a digital agency that wanted to test our claims.

Simply Flexible

Warning: This section includes some technical details

Jahia was built with open source, Java-based software. That means that the implementor has complete control. The flexible architecture allows you to bring together your disparate technologies seamlessly and quickly regardless of how complex your technical infrastructure may be.

Our extreme modularity gives you market-leading agility and speed for development, integrations, customization, and deployment

For companies that prefer a cloud solution, we have that.

And for companies that prefer an on-premise solution, we have that as well.

For more information on our technical architecture, check it out here.


Simply Stackable

This one we are particularly proud of and is particularly important during times of critical business change. Why is stackability important you may wonder?

For companies implementing a new DXP, you don’t want to rip and replace your entire technology eco-system. You want something that can plug in and just work. Well Jahia is that platform. With over 250 connectors, you can simply add Jahia to your existing technology stack and be on your way. And if you are looking for better connective tissue, our built-in Customer Data Platform (CDP) may be the answer.

For companies worried about supporting long-term growth and change, Jahia is uniquely positioned to be that partner. With Jahia as your core digital platform, you never have to worry about whether what you are building now will integrate with what you build later.

Simply Remarkable

Delivering digital experiences that make you stand out to prospects and make existing customers feel supported are fundamental for every business.

You must “wow” them with web/mobile experiences that are enjoyable and memorable. That’s not always easy. Sometimes creating beautiful and personal experiences can be extremely difficult and the thought of how difficult that may be gives you a headache.

Customers expect greatness and seamlessness in their web experience. Don’t you, as a customer of other brands, want that for yourself? Brands who “wow” their customers, leave a lasting impression, and we want you to be one of those companies. We want you to build personal experiences for your customers; experiences they will remember because they are tailor-made for them.

Fortunately, Jahia has a reputation for putting its customers in a position to create memorable customer experiences. Companies like Ben and Jerry’s and AllianceRX, are creating websites that their entire organization can be proud of – so what’s preventing you from doing the same?


If you’ve read this far, you probably feel pretty good about how Jahia can support your business in critical times of change.

Today may not be one of those critical times, but if it is, and you are ready to take the plunge into creating an incredible digital customer experience, we know Jahia is that platform that will support your business through all its challenges and opportunities.

Justin Sharaf
Justin Sharaf

Justin runs the marketing team at Jahia. He is a dad, husband, friend, golfer, and gambler. He believes in people, process, and technology, and that leaders must put their teams in a position to be successful.