Why You Should Assess Your Digital Experience Stack (DXS)

November 14, 2019
Jahia Team


With technology as an integral part of every business and customer journey, modern companies have hundreds to thousands of digital touchpoints including websites; mobile apps; social media, and more. Together, these touchpoints make up your organization’s marketing technology. From your website to your social media to the very product you sell, every virtual channel in which you “touch” your customers is part of their overall Digital Experience (DX).

Create Unique Digital Experiences

A business's technologies can define their path for success. Integration and fluidity across platforms and within your digital stack allow for unique digital experiences for customers, employees, and partners. 

For businesses that use and house information on various platforms, it is imperative to have an understanding of the health of your current marketing technologies. By having a holistic view of how you deliver your digital experiences, you can recognize opportunities for growth. Make sure your integrated systems are able to:

  • Manage hundreds to thousands of digital touchpoints
  • Seamlessly integrate multiple platforms
  • Promote global, multilingual consistency while remaining local to specific initiatives
  • Unify CMS, Portal, Digital Marketing and Commerce
  • Organize, create content, and communicate with customers
  • Support your underlying business goals

How to Assess Your Digital Stack

With Jahia’s new Digital Experience Stack Assessment Tool, you can analyze your current marketing technologies against industry benchmarks and receive recommendations for improvement and integrations.

The end result is a consideration of every aspect of your business and your customer’s digital experience, all without requiring confidential information. Based on the responses, it provides the following insights and results:

  • Your DXS Snapshot - a visual map of your entire digital profile.
  • Your DXS Score - a measurement of your DX maturity level.
  • Your DXS Ranking - a benchmark against others in your industry.
  • Your DXS Check-List - a check-list to help you make the right stack choices moving forward.

Using this information, you can create a digital experience platform that works best for your customers - all in one simplified experience. The end goal: an integrated, personalized experience that stays consistent across all digital touchpoints.

Start now by checking how you stack up. Assess Your Stack Now!