Keepicker: a DAM integrated into your CMS for better content management


We're delighted to welcome Keepeek in the Jahia digital ecosystem, a high-performance DAM solution that will make managing content in your CMS even easier. Thanks to the Keepicker connector, this DAM integrates directly into your Jahia interface, enabling you to speed up page loading, access all your files more quickly, or modify the dimensions of the visuals you integrate on your website with just a few clicks.

What is a DAM?

A Digital Asset Management (DAM) tool is a specialized solution for managing your images, videos and other assets. Using a corporate DAM is the best way to easily access all your media in their latest version.

Although a DAM can be hosted locally, this tool is increasingly used in its Cloud version, so you can benefit from your asset library wherever you are, on the move or at work.

Today's DAMs have the advantage over conventional management on Drive, for example, of enabling you to mobilize advanced functionalities such as indexing and advanced search, automatic tagging, workflows, rights management and on-the-fly thumbnail generation.

Why choose a CMS with integrated DAM?

While DAM can save you a lot of time in managing and searching for images and files, using them for your website - probably one of the most common tasks - can be a tedious process. 

Save time in content management with an integrated DAM

If finding your image or video in a DAM like Keepeek is simple, you then have to download the file, upload it to your CMS, add alternative text, even a description and credits. If you find that the image is not in the right format when you integrate it into a page on your website, you're in for a whole series of manipulations. In the end, you spend a lot of time simply integrating an image into a CMS... whereas this can be done with a DAM natively integrated into your content management solution, as is the case with Jahia and Keepeek thanks to the Keepicker plugin.

Connect your DAM to your CMS to ensure brand consistency

One of the reasons why Jahia has been the CMS of choice for major international groups for the past 20 years, with some even using it for over 10 years, is its ability to evolve with them, both with their tools and with their brand image. 

The ability to integrate new tools as they become available through specific developments (an advantage of an open source CMS), or more simply to connect them in a few clicks thanks to the hundreds of connectors made available, is a significant advantage for any structure. But just as important is the ability of a CMS to ensure brand consistency over time.

Jahia's multisite functionality already made it possible to modify text and image elements across an entire network of websites and web portals. Now, with Keepeek, our customers benefit from even more extensive brand management functionalities.

The benefits of Keepeek DAM?

Keepeek is a French DAM solution supported by bpifrance and French Tech, and used by over 350 customers. Keepeek DAM's main features include :

  • Highly centralized and organized: Keepeek enables all media to be integrated into a well-organized system, so that the right media can be found quickly.
  • Secure data: media is distributed to the right people, while all usage is monitored and tracked.
  • Remote collaboration: Keepeek encourages the creation of workflows and collaborative spaces to speed up media creation and validation processes.
  • Storage of large files: the solution enables efficient management of storage costs while making large media available.

Beyond these features, the capabilities that set Keepeek apart from many other DAMs are its advanced rights management capability, Rich Media support, and e-commerce functionalities.

Rights management

At once an indispensable content management issue and a never-ending headache, rights management remains one of the blind spots for many companies, even the largest. Yet many of your images are subject to usage and distribution rights, with image rights and copyright being the most common, with their own specific conditions. With Keepeek DAM, you can not only specify the rights associated with each piece of content, but also centralize the associated contracts, manage the authorizations that each user has on this content, receive alerts when they expire, and benefit from automatic archiving.

Rich Media Management (RMM)

Rich media are all the interactive elements (video, sound, animation) that you may need to integrate into your CMS. In addition to supporting these formats, Keepeek DAM provides for their complete management, including when they are created on Cloud platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo or Canva.

eCommerce Digital Asset Management

Keepeek interfaces with your tools to automate the collection, management and omnichannel distribution of media associated with your products. Jahia already made it possible to bring up product data sheets on your website from a PIM, and to connect to them to carry out advanced searches. From now on, the CMS and PIM can also be linked via the Keepeek DAM.

Keepeek and Jahia have already been present in the digital ecosystem of organizations in both the private (Veolia or Eiffage) and public (APEC, France Travail) sectors for several years, so we're delighted to now be able to offer our customers access to this tool natively in their Jahia content management interface.

AI, Adaptive Images, SEO... What Keepicker integration brings to your daily life

With Keepeek DAM, your content library management is enriched with advanced functionalities, such as automatic clipping and enhancement of visuals by artificial intelligence, or automatic adaptation of your images based on a focus point. 

Using a DAM also means reducing the weight of your web pages, and therefore their loading time, and improving both your users' experience and your website's natural search engine optimization (SEO).

How do I integrate Keepeek DAM into Jahia?

To integrate Keepicker into Jahia, simply go to the App Store Jahia, or directly to GitHub. Le module comprend :

The module includes:

  • Keepeek Asset content definition;
  • A React application: Keepeek Content Picker (jContent Selector Custom Type used to select a Keepeek asset).
  • The light implementation of an External Data Provider (Keepeek Asset Provider).

The Keepeek DAM connector is compatible with Jahia version and earlier 8.1.x.x using at least Content-Editor 4.6.1.