Innovation Through Iteration

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A common refrain in many technology companies is the idea of growth by innovation. That the goal of innovation – of building the “next big thing” – is the ultimate marker of success, a promise made and promise kept to investors, customers, and to the organization as a whole. This mindset has fueled some of the greatest technology of the last few decades, as well as some of the greatest flops.

Somewhere in-between is the idea of innovation through iteration; the process of constantly improving and refining a product. Optimizing the user experience by implementing feedback directly into the design of new features and functions, all while finding new ways of making a great thing better.

Jahia’s latest update is built to adhere to this iterative mindset. Instead of going for the big fireworks display that often accompanies a flashy acquisition or new piece of software, we took a step back and answered three key questions:

  • Where is the “Digital Experience” headed in the next few years?

  • How will companies need to adjust to this new normal?

  • How can our technology empower them along the way?

Where is the “Digital Experience” headed in the next few years?

With our first question, we took a wide scope of the market. We looked at how customer trends were changing, what new technologies were coming to the forefront, and how this could all shift consumer behavior over time. We also took a deep dive into how our customers were using our platform, how they were pairing it with other technology, the ways in which they engaged with their visitors, and what the feedback and response was.

What did we learn? Well, over the next few years, industry analysts expect customers to demand more of a personal touch from their digital touchpoints – more one-to-one interactions, more customized approaches to engaging and staying engaged. Therefore, businesses will be focusing even more on leveraging digital platforms to engage with their audiences.

How will companies need to adjust to this new normal?

We knew what this meant right away – customer data.

With increased customer engagement online, companies will be flooded with customer data at a rate in which they had never seen before. It wouldn’t be a question of convincing customers to share that data – as had been the case in the past – but more about how businesses can better capture, manage, and pair that data with the content they are producing to more effectively deliver the one-to-one experiences that their customers demand.

At the same time, the environment around data management has changed greatly. Laws such as the GDPR and CCPA have required more transparent processes in how data is captured and maintained. As a platform built on transparency and open-source principles, Jahia has been first in line to ensure we are compliant with these new laws. But now it isn’t just a question of compliance – we have to make sure we empower our customers to thrive.

How can our technology empower them along the way?

Jahia’s technology has always been built with our customers in mind first. As we looked at each new industry trend – and as we examined how our customers used our products – we took a step back and evaluated what we could do better. With each discovery came a new idea, new components, new connectors, and a completely overhauled user interface. We pinpointed key technology in the industry that could further enable us, creating new software like StackConnect and integrations like SiteImprove.

We built towards a purpose – to create technology that would help organizations around the world better connect and engage with their customers -  and went to work making it a reality. Taking our award-winning Jahia platform and helping it reach newer and better heights.

In other words, Innovation through Iteration.

Jahia Upgraded may sound a bit like the next Terminator or Matrix movie, but it speaks directly to what we feel our new update has done. Jahia has taken its raison d’être – Making Digital Simpler – and brought it to the next logical step. Through our platform, organizations all around the world can leverage their content and customer data to deliver highly personalized digital experiences to their customers and audiences!

A few of the ways we are faster, more flexible and easier to use than ever before:

  • Improved user experience focuses on streamlining the creation, publishing and personalization of content, accelerating overall time to value.

  • Jahia Cloud delivers a serverless DXP with autoscale ensuring performance and flexibility.

  • Free trial of Jahia’s Cloud DXP allows users to start using Jahia within minutes.

  • Jahia’s StackConnect – With more than 400 out-of-the-box connectors with no code workflows, StackConnect allows customers to connect and build their digital stack faster while staying in their current workflow with their own best-of-breed tools.

  • New Platform & Module Deployments, including OSGI, JDK 11 support, Tomcat 9 and Docker support to modernize your app development.

  • Enhanced ability to consume content and data everywhere through advanced API/GraphQL enhancing the headless capabilities.

  • Enhanced SEO, compliance and accessibility features through a SiteImprove integration.

Don’t just take our word for it. We’ve put together a free trial to give you the ability to go hands-on with our upgraded platform. 


More information on this new release here.

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Rami Chahine
Rami Chahine

Chief Product Officer