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A new year means new changes. Unlike our commitment to hot yoga, though, these changes are exciting in a way that won’t leave you gasping for breath afterwards. Let us tell you a bit about them:

Our Blog Is Changing

Over the next few months, our blog will be experiencing a bit of a facelift! From formatting to layout to how you search for posts and topics, we’re working hard to optimize your reading experience so you can quickly and easily find the content you’re looking for.

This is all built from feedback we’ve gotten directly from you, our amazing customers and partners and Jahia faithful. And once we move into our next iteration, we will continue to integrate additional tweaks and adjustments based on user feedback. Like our products, we are all about your customer experience.

Regular Updates

A new look doesn’t mean much if we don’t have things to post. So for this year we are committed to bringing you regular blog updates! That means new articles every few weeks on topics relevant to you and your business, such as personalization, customer data, marketing technology, industry best practices, tech geekiness, and more. It’s our way of staying a part of your continuing conversation about customer experience solutions, and, we hope, to share some of the insight and knowledge we’ve gleaned over our last 16 years in the industry.

With our small team, you might wonder how we can manage something like this. The answer is simple:

Lots and lots of coffee

Our typical coffee

We’ve basically hooked this into a straight IV drip

Tailored Content

We mentioned a little bit about what kind of content you can expect, but we wanted to go further and highlight some of the new series we will be introducing onto our blog and what topics they will cover:

Make it Simple

In this series, we will focus on reintroducing some of the most complex and nuanced topics in the customer experience industry, but in a way that anyone can easily understand and follow. Perfect for beginners or new entrants into this space!


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At Jahia, we know that every piece of technology tells a story. Whether it’s about great achievements in development or studies in application methodology, we want to help you take a peek behind the scenes at the tech you know and love

Customer Highlight.png


We’re really excited about this! In conjunction with some of our amazing customers we will be sharing highlights about why they chose to work with Jahia and how that decision impacted the very way they do business.

Partner Highlight.png


Partners are the lifeblood of our organization. That's why we want to share their stories with you and give you a glimpse at how they take our technology and create happy, long-lasting relationships.

Stay Connected

We can’t wait for you to see all the great content we’ll be bringing to you going forward. Be sure to stay connected with us on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, where you’ll be able to see exactly when each new post goes live, or check out our RSS feed.

See you soon!