The Case For Marketing Factory:
From Personalization to Predictable Relationships


Today’s business climate requires that your customer be the center of everything - your systems, your personnel, your technology, your offers, your messaging and more. Your ecosystem needs to orient around your customer; as a result, your customer will have a seamless, positive experience with your brand.

Customers now expect to get contextually-relevant promotions and content on their preferred device when they want it. Basic personalization - like name and remembering who they are during return visits - is the new standard of experience.

In the physical world, subsequent meetings do not ask for re-introductions - and neither should your digital connections with your customers. Your technology can help you cultivate relationships over time, up-selling your products and services in right timing, to continuously provide benefit to your customers.

Your in-house users - marketers, content creators, management and others - expect to have the tools and data they need to achieve their performance targets. There is a presumption that technology will support them in a clear and intuitive way, to reduce training time and learning curve before being productive.

And, like with your customers, personalized content, dashboards and permissions for your in-house users is taken for granted as basic ‘equipment’ to get their jobs done. It is assumed that the technology is integrated, strategic and global.

Having the technical agility to respond to quickly evolving customer conversations is key to the performance your organization needs to be competitive, especially in saturated markets.

Therein lies the paradigm shift that organizational leaders and decision-makers must embrace.
The pre-digital mindset of working with in-house silos of personnel responsibilities and mass-broadcast external messaging no longer serves your organization. Automating your marketing initiatives with agile, comprehensive technology that can provide a seamless experience to both your in-house users and end customers is the next level of digital enterprise.

Marketers need to be able to use what they know, backed by data and analytics, to design and deliver a personalized digital customer experience that is relevant, timely and compelling - without IT involvement.

IT needs to have the security and peace of mind that comes with developing pre-defined environments, templates and permissions to support marketers in the moment.

Your organization needs to make the most of known customer behaviors, buying triggers and lifecycle patterns, ideally from multiple sources that aggregate within your system - WHILE protecting your customers’ privacy rights.

This may sound like a dream but the fortunate reality is that Jahia has built this solution specifically with marketers in mind. We call it the Marketing Factory.

Built on Jahia’s core platform, Digital Experience Manager, Marketing Factory has been designed to centralize and leverage customer intelligence to enable personalized relationships.

Landing pages, lead management, progressive profiling, data analysis, efficient content marketing… it all happens real-time and with no IT involvement. A robust platform providing you with complete functionality to design, develop and deliver digital experiences in the moment, while cultivating deeper relationships over time.

Key Features:

  • Lead Management
  • Campaign Results
  • Landing Page, Forms Design, Digital Asset Management
  • Personalization
  • Prospect Nurturing
  • Measure and Optimize /  ROI Reporting
  • Content Marketing
  • Experience  Hub
  • Agile Integration

Transform your organization and marketplace presence in a cohesive, powerful way by choosing to deliver personalized experiences for predictable relationships with agility. The choice you make now for your organization to become customer-centric, backed by powerful technology,  will determine the degree to which your brand will thrive in this new digital business climate.

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