Jahia recently announced its Fall Product Release (v 7.3.0) focused on making digital simpler

Geneva, Switzerland, and Washington, DC: Jahia, a leading provider of connected, open and modular solutions for unified digital experiences (DX), recently announced its Fall Product Release (v 7.3.0) focused on making digital simpler for more engaging and personalized experiences across connected digital channels.

“Jahia is focused on making digital simpler, agile and connected, so our customers and partners have greater power to create differentiating experiences, faster,” said Jahia CEO Michael Tupanjanin. “At Jahia, our mantra is integration-first, to help marketers better leverage their entire stack and stay agile to respond to market changes. Our new Content and Media Manager is just one example of that - helping customers provide continuous, personalized experiences regardless of which solution provides the interface.”

According to the Forrester report, Digital Experience Technology Integration: Go Beyond Just A Basket Of Solutions, by Forrester Senior Analyst Mark Grannan, published September, 2018,  “In 2018, DX technology decision makers cited ease of integration among front-end components as their top priority when investing in DX solutions.”

“Power comes from having the agility and speed to optimize business opportunities,” notes Gartner, Inc. in Maverick  Insights Reveal Agility as the Prime Source of Power: A Gartner Trend Insight, Jamie Popkin, Frank Buytendijk, October 12, 2018.

Jahia Content and Media Manager - head-optional and GraphQL -enabled

With Jahia Content and Media Manager, companies can now deliver personalized content to any digital channel and for any digital experience, more simply and effectively. Marketers can more easily connect into different solutions in their marketing stack to create continuous, personalized experiences for their customers and shorten time to value to just a few weeks. Jahia Content and Media Manager allows all interfaces to leverage content and media, personalized for each customer.

Recognizing that headless content management (or content as a service - which separates the interface from the content provided) speeds deployment but often makes multi-site management less marketer-friendly, Jahia offers flexibility with the best of both worlds: headless and hybrid, together.  Its new Content & Media Manager is developer-friendly with its new GraphQL API, and marketer-friendly with personalization and AB testing even when the system doesn't own the interface (headless), thanks to native integration with the Jahia Marketing Factory. Beta customers include HomeAway and Interval Leisure Group. The release of Content and Media manager marks the completion of Jahia’s shift to providing an API-first methodology while maintaining its core coupled solutions for classic Web Content Management (WCM), Intranet and Portal management.    

Jahia Local Sites Manager simplifies content sharing and synchronization, regional autonomy and advanced localization for global brands.
Jahia’s enhanced Local Sites Manager now enables marketers to easily reuse pages and content from one site to another -- plus manage varying levels of autonomy between marketing teams globally. This allows teams to leverage global content while still keeping the flexibility local marketing teams require. Teams are able to reuse and synchronize either a whole website, a few pages, or just some specific content items in any combination of languages, so they can maintain consistent brand messaging.

Jahia Cloud makes cloud deployment and management easy and safe.
Jahia Cloud helps companies deliver great digital experiences without having to manage and maintain their own cloud platforms, through a simple interface. With 99.9% availability and developed in partnership with Amazon Web Services, Jahia Cloud offers 24/7 support direct from Jahia, plus clients control their platform easily using the Jahia  Cloud website. In just five (5) minutes, clients can be up and running Jahia  Cloud.

Jahia Commerce IO makes digital commerce richer & simpler
Because commerce integrations are complex and risky, Jahia launched Commerce  IO, a developer toolkit that simplifies the integration work of partners and helps them create more engaging experiences for their customers’ commerce sites. Commerce IO allows easier content and product catalog front-end management to empower marketers beyond legacy, rigid front-ends associated with legacy platforms.  Enabled for the market-leading e-commerce system SAP Hybris initially, Commerce IO can also be used by Jahia partners to speed their work with additional commerce providers. Its seamless customer interface helps marketers deliver personalized, end-to-end customer experiences themselves, without requiring IT help.

Marketing Factory v.1.10 unifies customer data everywhere, making personalization simpler. Now, Marketing Factory enables data collection on websites and web apps not using Jahia DX, because digital experiences are best when built with customer data that resides everywhere. V 1.10 is also natively integrated with Jahia’s new Commerce IO and Content and Media Manager, enabling headless content personalization across channels, complete with third-party analytics tracking enabled on top of Jahia-delivered sites.  Further, Marketing Factory’s integrated Customer Data Platform (Apache Unomi) is available on the new Jahia Experience Cloud, making this fully GDPR-compliant solution simple to use in just a few clicks.

Because searching is navigating, Jahia integrated Elasticsearch across all Jahia products. The new Elasticsearch module enables federated and faceted search to enhance the experience of all visitors.

The Jahia DXP admin interface has undergone a makeover. The new, intuitive and clean User Interface (UI) reflects Jahia’s mission to make using Jahia super simple for marketers and the IT team.

About Jahia 

Jahia makes digital simpler. Jahia helps customers tame the complexity of building personalized digital experiences (DX) across channels, with a set of open source, interoperable DX technologies that stitch together your digital experience. The Jahia DX Platform, Marketing Factory, Form Factory, Content & Media Manager, Local Sites Manager, Commerce IO and the Customer Data Platform, Apache Unomi, work together to help marketers and IT teams unify customer data, content and interactions across any combination of channels to create personal digital experiences that respect privacy and comply with GDPR.   Founded in 2002 and with global headquarters in Switzerland, Jahia Solutions Group has its North American headquarters in Washington, D.C., with additional offices in Boston, Houston, Toronto, and throughout Europe. Jahia customers include global brands with hundreds of sites, including Ben & Jerry’s, Home Away, Nationwide, NASA, and General Motors. Jahia helps customers become digitally agile and able to quickly capture market opportunities--because we make digital simpler.