Privacy by design goal to safeguard consumer data with digital transparency and trust

June 3, 2019

13th June 2019, Washington, DC. Jahia Inc., a leading provider of open-source content management and digital experience applications, joins a number of America's leading companies and government agencies collaborating to help define the international standard for "Consumer Protection: Privacy by Design."  The standard is part of ISO Project Committee 317. As one of 14 countries with Participant status in ISO/PC 317, the United States is represented by its Technical Advisory Group (TAG), administered by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) in partnership with the OASIS standards and open source consortium. Members of the U.S. TAG represent America's leading companies and government agencies committed to privacy rights for consumers. A full list of member companies may be found here.

According to, “ISO/PC 317 brings together privacy experts from around the world to develop the first set of preventative international guidelines for ensuring consumer privacy is embedded into the design of a product or service.

Implementing the ISO/PC 317 standard will help companies comply with regulations and avoid potentially devastating data breaches that erode consumers’ confidence in the digital world. The standard will allow goods and services providers to address all the lifecycle issues of privacy by design, so that consumers can have greater confidence in their purchases and take back control over the use of their data.”

More information on the U.S. TAG to ISO/PC 317 may be found at:

“Since 2014, we shared the idea of an ethical, data-driven marketing tool that would respect the privacy of customers with the start of Apache Unomi, an open source Customer Data Platform with strong customer privacy capabilities, now a Top Level Project (TLP) of the Apache Software Foundation. “ said Elie Auvray, Co-founder and Head of Business Development at Jahia. “Data privacy is the most important issue facing technology providers today and we are looking forward to continuing our legacy of helping to protect the privacy of consumers globally as contributors to the TAG for ISO PC 317. This global initiative supported by ANSI and OASIS as well as companies and government agencies is such an important foundation for the digital economy with its crucial goal: taking privacy by design to a global level with standards to safeguard consumer data with digital transparency and mutual trust. Data privacy is not a constraint: it will become a key lever of growth for any digital commerce initiative.”

“Jahia brings a very valuable perspective to the US TAG. They’re part of a dynamic group that includes consumer privacy experts from major companies in technology, financial services, telecommunications, and retail, plus government,” said Carol Geyer, Chief Development Officer at OASIS.

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