With Jahia, NSI Announces the Development and Launch of the Geoportal of Wallonia

The new GIS portal was designed in accordance with the INSPIRE EU directive and lists the Region’s geographical data while making them available to all users

Paris, Geneva, July 11th 2013 – Jahia, the publisher of the new generation Open Source CMS solution, today announces the launch of the Geoportal of Wallonia, developed by the teams of NSI Belgium, one of its certified partners.

Objectives of the Geoportal of Wallonia

In the wake of the INSPIRE (INfrastructure For SPatial InfoRmation in the European community) European Union directive, the Walloon Public Service (SPW, for Service Public de Wallonie) commissioned NSI to overhaul its GIS website using Jahia. The goal of this new portal is to offer the general public access to all available geographical data and services for the Walloon territory, as well as the necessary set of applications.

Data and Applications

The Geoportal allows easy access to the geographical information available in a highly functional geo-catalog (the MetaWal metadata catalog). The Wallonia geo-data can be accessed for free using a very user-friendly web visualization application (WalOnMap – All of Wallonia on a Map).

The general public can access geo-data, services and applications organized in 6 main domains:

  • Basic Data: Topographic Data, Administrative Boundaries, Photos & Imaging, Ancient Maps
  • Mobility: Roads, Cycling & Walking, Waterways, Public Transport
  • Spatial Planning: Planning & Regulations, Risks & Constraints
  • Nature & Environment: Fauna & Flora, Water, Soil & Subsoil, Air
  • Society & Activities: Industry & Services, Agriculture, Housing & Habitat, Noise
  • Tourism and Leisure


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The Geoportal of Wallonia Project

Jahia, the platform already used by the Walloon Public Service in other projects, was selected mostly for its business-specific applications integration capabilities, which was an essential prerequisite in this project.

Design, development and putting into production unfolded over a period of 9 months, under the common leadership of the Geo-Data Integration Department (SPW) and the NSI teams.


  • Technology: Jahia 6.6
  • A 9-month project developed during 2012 and officially launched by Minister Henry, in charge of GIS in the Walloon regional government (Belgium), on February 7th, 2013.
  • Total amount of project: 125,000 euros
  • A team of 4 people: 1 project manager, 1 analyst and 2 developers.
  • Putting the new geoportal into production made it possible to double the number of visits on the site (from 10,000 to 20,000 unique visitors per month).

“The Walloon Geoportal is a perfect illustration of Jahia’s ability to integrate all types of data and applications. The very structure of Jahia makes it possible to create user-friendly websites, capable of dealing with complex structures and data while accepting a large number of connections, without any impact on page display, query or navigation performances,” Elie Auvray, CEO of Jahia Solution Group SA, comments.

“The Geoportal of Wallonia draws many benefits from the Jahia platform. This CMS has many basic modules that can be customized very easily. The simplicity of the editing interface makes it much easier for the site manager to perform their task. The Jahia tool allowed for a strong integration with geographic components through web services standardized by the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC),” Samuel Mattern, head of the geoportal project at the Walloon Public Service (Geo-Data Integration Department), comments.

“As an integrator of such solutions and in the specific framework of geographic information systems (GIS) technologies, choosing Jahia proved to be decisive for the project’s success. Indeed, the implementation of the geoportal, based on the Jahia CMS, made it possible to reach our objective by federating access to various available applications, services and geo-data in a user-friendly manner, on a common technological platform,” Emmanuel Fournaux, Project Manager at NSI IT Software & Services, comments.

About NSI IT Software & Services

Since its creation in 1993, NSI is focused on the design and implementation of ICT solutions. NSI is an integrator company and the first independent IT group of the Wallonia-Brussels region. Our services range from needs assessment to skills transfer through the development and integration of applications and technologies. The NSI IT Software & Services group has over 400 employees and its consolidated turnover for 2012 exceeds 41 million euros.

For more information, visit: www.nsi-sa.be