Smile – a Jahia Gold Partner – Is the vendor's First Integrator to Become a “Certified Partner”


This optional offer of the publisher’s partner program provides its clients with an optimal level of support all along their projects.

Geneva, Washington DC, 20th July 2012 - Jahia, the publisher of the new generation Open Source CMS solution, today announces the launch of the “Certified Partner” option for its partner program. This annual option brings additional distinction and a range of complementary benefits for subscribing partners.

Smile, which is already a Jahia Gold partner, is the first subscriber to this option, ensuring that its teams will receive the highest level of skills in Jahia technologies and an enhanced partnership with the publisher’s teams.

Grégory Bécue, Presales Director in charge of Partnerships at Smile, comments: “given the high number of Jahia projects that we manage every year and the increasing demand for this solution from our clients, becoming a Certified Partner seemed like an obvious move. This new level of partnership both makes life easier for our in-house teams and offers an additional guarantee to our clients. The Smile and Jahia teams communicate more often, whether about current or future releases of the solution; our developers’ certification process has been simplified and in the end we are in a position to deliver even higher skills for our clients’ projects.”

Benefits of the “Certified Partner” Option

  • Global Annual Support for all of the projects managed by the partner;
  • Special pricing for the certification of the partner’s development teams;
  • Enhanced communication between the partner’s teams and the Jahia teams;
  • Close collaboration on the Jahia roadmap.

Jahia’s Partner Program
The Jahia Partner Program is an essential part of the company's development, since the publisher adopted an indirect sales model in which they are always second-level support for the development and integration teams in charge of implementing the projects of end-clients.

Elie Auvray, CEO of Jahia Solutions Group SA, adds: “undeniably, the success and growth of Jahia are the result of our partners’ commitment. Jahia 6.6 and our exclusive visual integration tool, Jahia Studio, are highly popular with our partners as well as end-clients. With the ever-increasing number of project wins, we have decided to develop a new offering that would strengthen the collaboration between our partners’ teams and our own teams: the “Certified Partner” program. This program was designed to meet the demands of our most active partners and it introduces a more flexible way of managing certifications and technical support for developers in charge of projects using our technologies. It is also an additional proof of quality for end-clients. For all these reasons, I am not surprised that Smile, a long-time partner, is the first of our partners to subscribe to this program.”

About Smile
Founded in 1991, Smile is the first integrator of open source solutions in France and Europe. A multi-specialist with expertise in as many as 18 domains, Smile explores the best solutions on the market in the fields of content management, portals, Mobile, DMS, e-Commerce, ERP, business intelligence, CRM and system tools, developing operational practice with a wide range of tools.

Smile has a turnover of 37.1 M€ in 2011 and currently employs 600 people working in 16 branches: Paris, Lyon, Nantes, Bordeaux, Montpellier, Marseille, Lille, Grenoble, Barcelona (Spain), Kiev and Kharkov (Ukraine), Geneva (Switzerland), Casablanca (Morocco), Amsterdam and Utrecht (Netherlands) and Brussels (Belgium).

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