It is time to respect data privacy in EU - Ready?


Digital enterprises need to make the most of every resource to serve their customers. Where there are functional silos, fragmented customer profiles or technology debt that is limited to on-premise deployment, customer-centric relationships become impossible to cultivate much less maintain. In other words, these elements comprise friction for digital brands.


Jahia is more than a content management system to help building digital experiences. We also foresaw the need for customer data privacy and, as a result, co-led a project to develop the Context Server Standard with the Oasis Foundation. The next step was to create a reference implementation project that became accepted by the Apache Software Foundation, called the Apache Unomi Project. This implementation project offers organizations the open source code to manage user data efficiently with multi-system interoperability while giving organizations the means to protect customer data privacy. The net result is that enterprises can address customer data privacy with digital agility now.

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