Digital customer experience: four innovation methods


Customer experience and innovation are both hard to pin down.

Econsultancy's new report, Innovating the Digital Customer Experience, in association with Jahia, attempts to do just that.

The report examines how to innovate, the concept of practical agility, marginalizing your competition and the 'innovator's toolkit'.

By way of an intro, here's a brief summary of four methods for innovation.


The innovation lab is now a well-established concept.

Labs may focus on product design, digital experience or both, using dedicated creative spaces that can often insulate a new culture and allow it to thrive.

There are many examples of labs - Econsultancy has covered some of them (most recently Nationwide, but notable examples include Hive and Ryanair).

In the recent Innovating Digital Customer Experience report, Markus Wulff, Digital Innovation at Absolut, explained more about the company's lab and its work on connected bottles.

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