Customer Support Best Practices for Global Online Shoppers

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There are plenty of considerations to be made when deciding to support sales from international customers, but one that can often be overlooked is actual customer service if there is an issue or questions arise pre-, during or after a sale.

Enterprises will want to ensure their customers - regardless of where their interaction stems - are given a high level of service so that they return often and tell their friends. Let's check out some advice from industry professionals on best practices for international customer support to improve lifetime value, get better reviews and close more sales.



To meet and exceed customer expectations at digital age speed requires cross-departmental teamwork. Lack of collaboration between marketing and IT departments is still the number one cause of failure, resulting in lack of agility.

Customers expect immediate and personalized answers based on intelligence, and that digital and physical world experiences are seamless.

Our customer, Europcar, recently shared its experience successfully doing this when launching 15 websites in 15 languages in 2 days to deliver a better service for customers. See presentation here.

Additionally, brands need to be transparent about their data privacy practices to build and maintain customer trust.”

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