Jahia's CMO: We Are At The Dawn of A New Age In Digital Marketing

Kevin Cochrane, CMO of Jahia Solutions, says that we are at the dawn of probably the most exciting digital wave we've ever seen.

"This is going to fundamentally transform industries. It's going to fundamentally disrupt markets and those that do this right are those brands that are going to win. Seamless digital customer experience is not only a possibility: it's an imperative."

"We've all invested, over the course of the past 20 years, in various versions of our website that were very pleasing, engaging and interactive — and, to some extent, they targeted to our different audiences. But it's always been a single point, siloed interaction that they've had with us on the dub-dub-dub channel or a single point siloed interaction that they've had with us when they call in to the call center or a single point siloed interaction with us when you go into a physical store or engage with someone in the field.

It's time to go beyond the status quo — to connect customer insights with digital technologies to transform the customer experience and deliver significant business value.

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