Jahia to give exclusive preview of new digital marketing engine at Gartner Digital Marketing Conference 5-7 May in San Diego, CA

Washington, DC - Geneva, Switzerland April 30th 2015 - Jahia, leading open source User eXperience Platform (UXP) vendor will attend Gartner’s first event for Senior Marketing Leaders in San Diego, CA, May 5-7, the Digital Marketing Conference. This conference will be the opportunity for Jahia to give an exclusive preview of its upcoming Marketing Factory, a new digital marketing personalization and optimization engine

Marketing Factory extends Jahia offering to Digital Marketing teams

Through its visionary, yet pragmatic UXP approach, Jahia provides brands and organizations the means to innovate and accelerate their digital transformation, while respecting legacy applications’ pace of change. Businesses are thus enabled to meet their online / mobile customers’ expectations in complete accordance with IT constraints.

Marketing Factory in a nutshell

Marketing Factory is a complete solution to collect actionable data on all your online projects. Without any IT involvement, marketers can set-up and follow conversions for multiple types of goals : page viewed, funnels, form submits, landing pages, clicks, downloads… Using automated data capture and custom tracking they can build and nurture rich visitors’ profiles (demographics, behavior, scoring, interests…) to have a 360° view of their audience. By classifying visitors into meaningful segments, they can create highly targeted and engaging user experiences through campaigns, personalization, online testing and marketing automation. 

The solution will be officially presented in June, during the next vendor’s International User Conference, JahiaOne, in Paris.