Jahia Solutions Group poised for explosive 2016 growth following record-setting 2015

Achieved more than 90 percent bookings growth and customer retention; launched new CMO / CIO solutions to lead digital transformation in dynamic Digital Experience Management market

PARIS – February 2, 2016 – Jahia Solutions Group (Jahia), the emerging leader in Digital Experience Management, today announced record results for fiscal year 2015 with 90 percent total bookings growth year-over-year. Additionally, the company  announced the new release of Digital Experience Manager 7.1 (DX7) to strengthen the partnership between CMOs and CIOs which will drive the next generation of digital experience management.  

2015 was a banner year for Jahia with key milestones across all aspects of the business:

  • 100 percent year-on-year growth for net new customer subscription bookings 
  • 90 percent year-on-year total booking growth
  • 94 percent annual customer subscription renewals
  • 125 percent year-on-year increase in multi-year subscriptions
  • Acceptance of Project Unomi as an Apache Software Foundation Incubator project to advance mission-critical infrastructure that furthers the CMO imperative for consumer data transparency, privacy and control for trusted, safe and secure online brand relationships
  • Completion of U.S. $22.5M investment round from Invus to fuel 2016 global sales and marketing expansion

“Jahia has emerged as one of the fastest-growing companies in the Digital Experience Management market by providing an extraordinary customer experience. The record growth is powered by our strong customer ambassadors and our organizational commitment to 100 percent customer success as we partner with them on their 2016 digital and customer experience initiatives,” said Elie Auvray, CEO at Jahia. “We are extremely gratified that our customer-centric approach to digital experience continues to be validated by markets worldwide and has poised Jahia for another year of exceptional growth.”

With strong momentum entering 2016, Jahia today announced its new DX7 offering with targeted solutions for both marketing and IT. Newly available both on-premise and on-demand via the Jahia Experience Cloud, DX7 forges a new partnership between CMOs and CIOs to break down departmental and system silos. This strategic partnership drives both personalized digital experiences and 1:1 customer relationships across all online and offline touchpoints.   With focused support for consumer data privacy and protection leveraging the Unomi Project through the Apache Foundation, Jahia enables CMOs and CIOs to re-establish trust in online relationships by providing transparency and privacy for consumer data to ensure its use is ethical, direct to the consumer’s benefit and not misused or abused. 

With the new DX7 release, Jahia begins 2016 with a strong global sales and marketing expansion:

  • New North America Sales and Account Development team, fully on-boarded and productive at the start of Q1
  • Expanded EMEA Sales team with new coverage in UK / Northern Europe and DACH regions, as well as a new Account Development team to fuel the EMEA pipeline and bookings growth
  • New Global Marketing team focused on brand awareness, experience, pipeline and revenue

“The time is now for CMOs to partner with CIOs to focus on the entire customer journey and the entire customer experience,” said Kevin Cochrane, CMO at Jahia. “CMOs have mastered the art and science of data-driven, demand-generation marketing. But post-acquisition, it is customer interactions with all other parts of an organization that determine success, long-term loyalty and advocacy. I couldn’t be more thrilled to amplify our customer successes, share their story and introduce DX7 to CMOs and CIOs worldwide for greater customer-centricity.”

About Jahia

Jahia Solutions Group  (Geneva, Switzerland), founded in 2002, is a leading provider of a Digital Experience Management customizable platform that aggregates applications, data and content and breaks down organizational silos to innovate the digital customer experience to gain digital agility and sustainable competitive advantage with one-to-one customer relationships.  www.jahia.com.  


Pat Colpitts
Director, Analyst and Public Relations
Jahia Solutions