Jahia releases a comprehensive and FREE “First-steps” online training package for Digital Experience Manager 7

Geneva, Switzerland - Washington, DC - December 2nd 2014 - To further accelerate the interest and the adoption of its Digital Industrialization vision, embodied with the release of Digital Experience Manager 7, the leading open source UXP vendor today announced the release of a comprehensive “first-steps” training package for editors, administrators and developers. For free.

All the development packages from all of Jahia products (for both the Community and Enterprise Distributions) are free, allowing development teams to develop and test without any limitation. This includes the exclusive UX builder - Jahia Studio.

Therefore, this free and online training package, comes as a natural tool to expand the community.

A Comprehensive training offering

  • Free online training The package addresses the needs of the three profiles usually interacting with the platform: editors, administrators and developers. Each profiled training comes with a video and a detailed presentation. Free Online training is available from here
  • And advanced training

Detail of the Free Online Training
The newly available training is intended to give each type of user the basic knowledge needed to get the most value out t of the platform.

  • Editors will benefit from a functional overview that will cover
    • The User Dashboard
    •  The Edit Mode and a step-by-step exercise-like video to create content
      • Publishing content (along with assorted workflows)
      • Content administration along  with metadata management, SEO, categories and role management.
      • Multi-channel rendering of the content
      • Out-of-context content
      • The managers (site, document, tag etc.)
    • The Contribute mode
  • Administrators will get a thorough presentation of functional administration
    • Server Administration : Database settings, Mail server settings, Private App Store (creation, settings, roles etc.), Modules, Portlets, Cache, Users and role permissions.
    • Site Administration : HTML filtering, Link checker, Groups, Languages, Modules, Vanity URLs dashboard, WCAG compliance
  • Developers - Templates development
    • Technical concepts
    • Jahia 7 Studio GUI
    • Manage templates for existing template sets and modules
    • Create a custom template set
    • Integrate a simple HTML mockup into a newly created template set
  • Developers - Basic training - Architecture Overview
    • Module Development Overview : What is a module? Content of a module, Creating a module
    • Content object definitions
    • Module Deployment
    • Mixins
    • Rendering Scripts
    • Internationalization
    • ChoiceLists
    • URL Handling
    • Fragments Handling
    • The Caching System