Jahia Portal Factory, the most comprehensive application aggregation solution, to be available by June 30th

Constant to its convergence vision,

Jahia sets a new level in CMS and Portal capabilities fusion for fast, seamless and non-intrusive integration of applications and content.


Washington-DC, Paris- France, Geneva-Switzerland - June 17th 2014 - Jahia, leading open source vendor today announced the availability of Portal Factory, its new enterprise portal solution, bringing unprecedented integration capabilities with external content and business applications.

Jahia Portal Factory sets a major evolution in the Enterprise portal market thanks to the association of Digital Experience Manager CMS capabilities with additional portal capabilities into one single solution at a step further than any of today’s portal pure player offerings.

  • Portal Factory is the most complete application aggregation solution for tier 1 enterprise clients
    • Companies can seamlessly expose their existing/legacy business applications within modern multi-channel web portal interfaces, thus securing former investments and reducing the time-to-market
    • Companies can also expose their data silos (using custom or standardized data providers such as CMIS) and enrich them with additional content into secured digital portals, without duplicating or re-writing data sources. 
    • Marketing teams can produce and publish content as fast and as regularly as their market requires, embedding data and enterprise applications into compelling and differentiating user experiences for their customers without being constrained by IT applications lifecycle.
  • New integrated Dashboard capabilities: users themselves can create ad-hoc portals and personal dashboards based on predefined and approved portal templates and components managed from a central administration interface.

Key features

Jahia Portal Factory inherits the extensibility and the content management power from Digital Experience Manager on top of which it has been built and adds specific portal features to match the needs of today’s most demanding digital projects:

  • A new non-intrusive integration for enterprise legacy applications: Portal Factory allows for the integration of legacy applications without having to modify them in any way. Regardless of the language the application had been developed with.

    Marketing teams can produce the content their market requires at the time it needs it, while IT teams can decide and plan to work on the application at their own pace, according to their resources, security and stability constraints. This server side integration has been built with the new open source framework Esigate, initiated by Smile and Capgemini, two leading system integrators, and to which Jahia is now a committer.
  • The External Data Provider is a new core service developed by Jahia which enables developers to declare bridges between internal content and external repositories without neither copy nor duplication or synchronization. With the External Data Provider, external data can be accessed, manipulated and searched as if they were directly stored in Jahia repository. All external and internal data can benefit, among other core Jahia features, from the powerful layout building features of the Jahia Studio.
  • User centric personalized dashboards with SSO:  Portal Factory comes with sample widgets, preconfigured portals and configuration tools to help administrators create dashboards easily and pick default widgets and configurations that users will then be able to customize at will.
  • CMIS: new aggregation capabilities to mount CMIS compliant repositories such as Alfresco, Sharepoint etc. into Digital Experience Manager as well as Portal Factory modules.
  • An Enterprise Portal set of features with Identity Management, Personalized content and Multi-Portal capabilities, which have been key capabilities of the Jahia platform since its early days.
  • Modern Widget as well as legacy JSR 286 portlet model support


GA date: June 30th 2014

Request for trial: here

Webinar demo (in French): here

Screenshots: here

As announced during our first international user conference, JahiaOne, in early February this year, Portal Factory will be available late June thanks to the work done with our community of Customer and Partner. In its former version, our CMS solution - Digital Experience Manager -  offered portal features that needed refinement to meet the scope of a complete Portal offering. The conception and development of both the External Data Provider and the Esigate integration, associated with the extension of the personal dashboards exceed everyone’s expectations.” says Elie Auvray, CEO of Jahia Solutions Group SA.