Jahia Launches Jahia 6.6, the new version of its flagship CMS solution


Jahia 6.6 raises User Experience building to a new standard and further enhances the strengths of the platform 

Washington DC, USA - Geneva, Switzerland - February 16, 2012 - Jahia , provider of Java-based open source next generation CMS solutions, announced today the new version of its flagship CMS product in version 6.6 with two major areas of improvements: the platform management and Jahia Studio, its visual integration tool to build highly customized and personalized User Experiences.

Jahia Studio, a new standard of User Experience Building

Jahia Studio is a unique visual User Experience Builder that allows for the convergence of socialized content applications, websites, portals and mobile sites thanks to the easy dragging and dropping of pre-packaged components and modules. Zero code required!

Introduced with Jahia 6.5, this unique integrated User Experience Builder is available for free and for all Jahia integrators. 

Some quotes from partners about the Jahia Studio, illustrating its efficiency (see other quotes)

"We couldn't be happier with the performance and ease of use of Jahia. At BMKLLc Solutions, we had to replace an old CMS for one of our customers. Using Jahia allowed us to meet our customer's expectations and more. With Jahia studio we could build and deliver the new CMS on time and well within budget."  Ries van Twisk -Senior Architect- BMKLLc Solutions, Detroit, Michigan

“With the Jahia Studio, we, at Avantia, can now focus more on the most valuable part of the consulting we provide to our customers. Knowing that the composition of User Experience and layout is under control, we can now dedicate more time in developing unique, advanced and "content smart" business solutions based on our own JahiApps and modules, that will help our clients differentiate from competition. In addition, we can focus more on solving sophisticated systems integration challenges”  Brian Jimerson -Chief Architect- Avantia, Cleveland, Ohio

“The Jahia Studio is a great addition to the Jahia platform.  Not only does it accelerate development, but it also gives non-technical users the ability to create solutions that would otherwise require developer assistance.  This is a big win for organizations that want to empower their business users to the greatest extent possible.” Glenn Korban -Director of Technology- Oshyn, Cerritos, California

Some of Jahia 6.6 improvements further enhancing the Jahia Studio experience:

  • More options for administrators and integrators to control Jahia’s rich authoring interfaces and components permissions
  • New deployment options for modules allowing bulk and/or selective deployments of the modules over the sites hosted on the Jahia instance.
  • Better management of module dependencies for easier application packaging.
  • Redesigned item deletion and addition of a Trash: authors may restore content items before complete deletion approval

Further enhancements of the Jahia Composite Content Platform

Jahia 6.6 provides many improvements to facilitate integration within existing IT infrastructures and administrative work, including:

  • New Framework : The Visibility Framework
    • Advanced content delivery and personalization capabilities: the new Visibility Framework features business rules, additional server side personalization capabilities and an advanced control over content delivery. A first implementation of the Visibility Framework is presented here.
  • Advanced Administration:
    • New configuration options for stack traces, threads and memory dumps.
    • Extended import and export mechanisms to support both live and/or default workspaces, including User Generated Content.
  • Data storage flexibility:
    • Improved performances and reliability for relational databases and files systems storage using datastore mechanism for files and documents managed by the Jahia platform
  • Agile Maintenance:
    • Easier upgrades from version to version thanks to a new FixApplier application.

For Enterprise Jahia Subscribers:

  • Update of all Enterprise Jahia software packages and documentation in version 6.6
  • For our Enterprise Subscribers, the Jahia Studio is fully aligned with your enterprise development cycles on the environments deployed with Enterprise Jahia installation tools. Thanks to Enterprise Jahia tools and support, safe management of the canonical architecture -development, staging, production-  is guaranteed for applications and user experiences from their creation in the Jahia Studio to their deployment in the production environment -whether it is clustered or not
  • Extended interoperability: Kerberos configuration tools and support providing enhanced SSO, stronger authentication & security in Enterprise environments.

Available for download:

  • Jahia 6.6 installers and the developer SDK are available for download here
  • A brand new Demo Package for discovery purposes presents all new social and collaborative tools from Jahia 6.6. It is available here.
  • The new FixApplier, smoothing the upgrade from Jahia 6.5, is available here.
  • All documentation has been updated and is available here.

Screenshots for Jahia 6.6 are available here.