Jahia launches Form Factory to further free digital marketing teams in the creation and monitoring of their favorite engagement tools

Forms management is the single most essential tool for digital marketing engagement
With Form Factory, Jahia gives it back to whom it belongs: the marketing team

Geneva, Switzerland - Washington, DC - December 16th 2014 - Less than a year after the launch of the new major version of its flagship solution, Digital Experience Manager 7, Jahia announces the release of Form Factory, a new powerful tool to further free marketing team from IT constraints.

Form Factory for Digital Experience Manager 7 is a new solution to:

  • Create multi-step, multi-language, multi-conditions and validation-ruled forms super easily through drag-and-drops
  • Manage all forms created from a central interface (the Form Center)
  • Monitor collected data, measure engagement (by form, field completion, period, etc.), export data etc.
  • Connect each/all/selected forms to external business app such as CRM, marketing automation tools, etc.
  • Unmatched extensibility and versatility: developers can extend the Form Factory with their own fields, groups of fields, validation, logic and custom consequences.

How does Form Factory further accelerate digital marketing efforts?

Not only can marketers create forms at will without depending on development teams, but they also can monitor the effectiveness of their forms thanks to the Form Center: this allows marketers to fine-tune their engagement tools based on their real performance.

Similarly to the Jahia External Data Provider within Digital Experience Manager and Portal Factory, Form Factory provides an additional ability to inject and map the data collected through forms into any external business apps. This comes pretty handy to feed-in a CRM solution, a marketing automation tool, a mailing app, a NoSQL database or even a company’s privileged users repository (LDAP, etc.)

More information about Form Factory

This new addition to our content and user experience platform and suite of products is another expression of our Digital Industrialization vision. Our goal is to allow each digital team within companies to produce what they know best in full autonomy, thanks to the most powerful and easy-to-use data collection tools without putting any of the architecture and IT security processes at risk.

Elie Auvray, Jahia CEO

Form Factory - Visuals


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