Jahia announces 2 product releases: Digital Experience Manager (DX) 7.2.1 and Marketing Factory 1.7


Digital Experience Manager (DX) is the beating heart of our Digital Experience Platform (DXP). DX allows to manage content, apps and integrate external sources into websites to build the most efficient customer experiences.

DX 7.2.1 - This new release comes with many enhancements the three major of which are:

  • Remote Publication refactoring - The remote publication feature allows to separate  authoring and browsing environments. With its Distant Server Publishing module, Jahia's Digital Experience Manager offers a scalable, well-compartmentalized solution for pushing content validated on your editing platform to the public production environment. This architecture is compatible with all enterprise firewall software and can be configured to match your most demanding security needs.
    The 7.2.1 refactoring further ease the administration and deployments of these highly secured and demanding architecture, such as, for example, forcing / freezing some publications, comparisons between source and target sites to identify potential gaps, etc.

     The associated product documentation in the Jahia Academy (restricted access)
     Download Digital Experience Manager (Enterprise Distribution - 60-day trail version)
  • Further expand Authors autonomy and productivity with “Page Model” - When creating new pages for a site it is often the case that an already existing arrangement of lists and content objects should be reused on different pages. For this purpose the option "Set this page as Page Model" is available for pages. By checking this option, the page is stored as a Page Model and can be chosen when creating a new page. The new page will contain all the content the Page Model contains and thus a page model can be used like a refined page-template without any need to access the studio.

     Associated product documentation documentation in Jahia Academy
     Download Digital Experience Manager 
  • Connectors! New connectors to 3rd party software have been released


Marketing Factory 1.7

Marketing Factory is the Jahia DXP’s AB testing and personalization software, seamlessly integrated with Jahia DX. Marketing Factory  allows digital marketers to collect and analyze customer data, test variants, deliver personalized content on every channel, monitor their campaigns and goals achievements, in order to deliver the smoothest and most personalized experience to their customers.

Marketing Factory 1.7 - This new release comes with the following new features:

  • Extended action triggers: the new Marketing Factory “Rules” allow marketers to use any event (session start, login, goal reach, score in a given scoring plan) captured on the platform to trigger an action. It’s now possible for any integrator to build a new action and extend the product to integrate in real time with other marketing technology vendors.
  • Bidirectional Salesforce integration: Marketing Factory provides a Salesforce integration based on Rules which allow to create / update a lead in salesforce or update the Marketing Factory profile from a contact or lead in Salesforce
  • Social login integration: seamless and widely accepted by visitors, the social login integration allows for major enrichment of the visitors profiles in Marketing Factory, bringing de facto wider personalization and analytics options.
  • Forms-based experience improvements: data stored in a visitor’s profile can be taped-in to prefill forms and / or hide or show ad-hoc form fields.

    Associated  product documentation in The Jahia Academy

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