Technology Partners

Meet our integration partners.

In addition to the 400+ data integrations available through StackConnect, we have direct technology integrations with industry-leading software providers. These technology partnerships simplify your workflows and further enhance your customer experiences.

cloudinary - technology partner

Efficiently manage, optimize, and deliver images, videos and other media across every device and channel.

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widen - technology partner

Always-active APIs and a custom image picker allow you to search and add Widen digital assets directly in the Jahia UI.

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Tailor the look and feel of your site to the specific needs of your visitors to create better digital experiences accessible to all.

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siteimprove - technology partner

Helps you perfect your digital presence by fixing and improving accessibility, SEO, content quality, and security issues.

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Adapt the display of your websites for a complete digital inclusion of your users.

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Simplify translations for your international and multilingual sites with the GlobalLink and

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Use Akeneo in your Jahia CMS and display your products easily on your website.

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