Enhance your Jahia image assets using Cloudinary

Cloudinary native integration with Jahia

Optimize Images

With dynamic asset management

Jahia connects with Cloudinary’s asset management tools so you can better design visual content for your desired digital experiences. Images created in Jahia are made available in your Cloudinary instance, where they can be dynamically edited to fit the needs of your Jahia page.

Cloudinary’s DAM capabilities mean that you can customize content across your website without changing the source content within Jahia itself. Seamless synchronization also ensures there is no downtime between changes during publication.

Why Jahia + Cloudinary?

Jahia’s Digital Experience Platform (DXP) offers a wide variety of content management tools that empower marketers to deliver cohesive, personalized digital experiences to their customers. Paired with Cloudinary, Jahia further enhances its visual management toolkit while also enabling users to take full advantage of a dedicated DAM solution:

  • Full control over your Jahia assets without needing to alter the source content

  • Dynamic image resizing and editing for lighter and faster pages

  • Seamless synchronization, ensuring your web content always reflects the most up-to-date changes

  • Asset analytics so you can evaluate and optimize your content based on usage, format, and much more


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