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SiteImprove native integration with Jahia

Improve Content Quality

With data-driven analytics

Jahia brings Siteimprove’s content review capabilities directly into our UI, allowing easy review of your Jahia content across numerous metrics, including accessibility, SEO, and content quality. Marketers can then easily implement recommended improvements without ever leaving Jahia.

Leveraging Siteimprove for Jahia, content editors can assess the viability of a piece of content using a simple to understand score, which takes into account content accessibility, click-through rates, any typos or dead links, as well as how optimized a piece of content is for search engines.

Why Jahia + SiteImprove?

Jahia’s Digital Experience Platform (DXP) offers a wide variety of content management tools that empower marketers to deliver cohesive, personalized digital experiences to their customers. Paired with Siteimprove, Jahia enables users to continue to iterate on their digital presence by providing insight into:

  • Misspellings and broken links

  • Content Readability

  • Accessibility Issues (A, AA, AAA conformance levels)

  • SEO across technical, content, UX, and mobile

  • Page visits/views

  • URL length

  • Unpublishing review impact


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