Customized display adaptation for optimal digital inclusion



JAHIA proposes to adapt the display of your websites and intranet by partnering with FACIL'iti, a B-Corp certified company.

A turnkey innovation, it allows Internet users to activate filters according to their navigation needs for a better UX. Some examples: dyslexia, color blindness, visual impairment, AMD, Parkinson's disease, blue light, ophthalmic migraine…

Why Jahia + FACIL'iti ?

FACIL'iti is a premium custom solution that preserves the ergonomics of the site and the user experience.

  • It offers 23 ready-to-use filters and more than 1,000 possible combinations thanks to the custom filter.

  • It is quick and easy to install: a simple copy and paste tag is enough.

  • It is a secure solution chosen by major banking groups for its reliability.

  • It is compatible with 99% of internet, intranet and webapp websites.

  • It has been co-constructed with leading disability associations

  • FACIL'iti gathers more than 900 000 users today.


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