Simplify translations for your international and multilingual sites native integration with Jahia

Faster Translation Workflows

With Jahia DXP

Jahia empowers you to automatically translate your content inside of jExperience, utilizing GlobalLink and Translation requests are queued directly from your Jahia UI, wherein they are funneled into GlobalLink and updated to the targeted language before being passed back into Jahia for review and publication.

Translated content can be shared across other sites and pages, enabling multi-lingual personalization. Each translation request can be tracked within both Jahia and on, with notifications once requests are completed.

Why Jahia +

Jahia’s Digital Experience Platform (DXP) offers a wide variety of content management tools that empower marketers to deliver cohesive, personalized digital experiences to their customers. With a focus around multi-site, multi-language management and the ability to customize content for specific audiences, we are uniquely capable to support you in taking full advantage of the translation capabilities via and GlobalLink:

  • Simple, easy-to-use translation functionality available directly within your Jahia instance

  • Seamless integration ensuring translations are fast and simple

  • Easily map your Jahia Language/Locale variations with those in your project

  • On-demand analytics so you can compare the performance of translated content


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