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Unified experiences for lots of audiences


As organizations grow and expand into new verticals and market segments, it’s common to grow your customer web properties right alongside. This turns into siloed information and management and missed opportunities to cross-sell, share resources and provide an overall more unified customer experience.  Jahia makes it simpler to bring all those websites together and serve each audience according to their own needs and journeys. For less: Time, money and ongoing effort.

Example: La Mondiale, a health insurance group based in France, faced this issue head-on while trying to streamline four disparate websites – a corporate site and three customer-specific sites (for businesses, individuals, and professionals respectively) -- while still delivering  personalized, segment-focused content. 


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Months to get it done

The Stack

jContent is built on Jahia, the most adaptable, flexible (and affordable) architecture for great customer & employee digital experiences, everywhere. jContent local sites and portal capabilities make it easier to centralize customer access points in one spot while still repurposing and sharing content across digital experiences and web properties

The result?  Always-consistent brand messaging and a unified customer experience, for less effort, time and money.  

For AG2R La Mondiale, this meant bringing all four websites into a single web portal, creating a central hub for all their visitors while also allowing them to deliver personalized content and landing pages across all their customer segments. 


Jahia delivered a fully-functional portal within two months, unifying access, creating a consistent brand experience and reducing efforts for customers and marketers alike. Thanks to Jahia’s code quality and ease-of-use, more than 20 contributors were quickly able to learn the platform and make immediate content contributions.


“We have excellent feedback from users and great comments about the portal. We consider this project a complete success, with all objectives achieved.” – Valérie Merceron, AG2R La Mondiale’s IT Systems Department
  • Better Customer Experience
  • Lower Resource Demand
  • Easier-to-Use
  • Faster Speed-to-Market
  • Higher Brand Consistency
  • Easier-to-Update