Portals for Healthcare

Bring Healthcare Online with Jahia DXP

Medical providers are expected to provide a broad range of healthcare services online. Whether it’s linking a Claim System to Benefits & Eligibility, or ensuring a Wellness Program feeds into a Care Management portal; providers need a digital web portal that can securely surface & distribute patient data across applications and omni-channel touchpoints.

With Jahia's HIPAA-compliant platform, healthcare providers can streamline their operations — syncing Electronic Health Records across applications — within a provider portal built to foster digital interaction & collaboration.


A HIPAA Secure Medical Platform

Never worry about the security of your patient data. When handling the types of sensitive data captured by healthcare portals, Jahia makes security & reliability our top priority.

From a technical standpoint, the Jahia platform can handle the entire end-to-end user authentication process standalone, or synchronise with in-house SSO or multi-factor authentication, for a seamless user verification experience across digital services.

HIPAA & ISO 27001 certified. GDPR compliant. Jahia exceeds any mandated compliance requirements. We also guarantee an industry-leading 99.9% product uptime, along with fully-automated backup and restore, zero downtime platform upgrades, and 24/7 customer support.

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Modular Design for a Flexible Healthcare Service

Accommodating innovation is key to implementing a healthcare portal solution. You need a platform that has the flexibility to integrate advanced frameworks; whether it’s facilitating telemedicine that allow authenticated visits via a secure app 24/7, or helping patients find local care providers.

Jahia enables you to build out custom functionality to connect legacy and disparate systems. You can leverage our application-embed framework to create a healthcare ecosystem that, no matter its technological architecture, can offer a seamlessly consistent service at scale.

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Streamline Operations & Consolidate Systems

Patients aren’t the only ones that benefit from a true digital care portal. Administrative staff are tired of having to manage secure medical data across legacy applications, requiring multiple sign-ons. With a Jahia digital healthcare portal - medical intranets, patient portal and managed care applications can be consolidated in a single HIPAA-certified platform. This means there’s a consistent experience from both an application and patient profile perspective, with seamless transitions for health workflows.

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Jahia helps our small team achieve big goals. With an IT team of 17 people supporting a $16 billion business, efficient and effective technology is key to ensuring we hit our targets. Jahia is an important part of that.

– Carl Collin, VP Engineering, Architecture and Delivery, AllianceRx Walgreens Prime

Healthcare Use Cases

  • Patient portal
  • Administrative intranet
  • EHR integration platform
  • Patient interaction management

Platform Highlights

integrate healthcare data sources

Integrate, Customize, Embed

Harness Jahia’s modular architecture to create custom processes, or use our application-embed framework to incorporate legacy & existing applications.

consistent digital experience for patients

Consistent Experience

No matter the technology architecture, with Jahia you can create consistent digital services across healthcare services, with a solid foundation of patient data driving the experience.

searchable healthcare portals

Augmented Search

Jahia’s search capabilities are cutting-edge, built using the GraphQL and ElasticSearch frameworks. No matter if it's a medical administrator looking up medical records or a patient reviewing their policy information — Jahia will surface meaningful results.

healthcare portals built for scale

Health Services at Scale

A single Jahia instance can handle hundreds of diverse sites with thousands of active users — scale consistent intranets, web pages, voice, IoT apps, micro-sites, voice and more across a single hospital or multiple medical facilities.

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Jahia DXP for healthcare portals

Jahia for Healthcare

Digital transformation in the Healthcare industry has a number of hurdles; patient data is incredibly sensitive and the fact that many of the applications in use are custom to medical care can be a real challenge when developing a platform.

Jahia’s HIPAA-certified healthcare portal software is uniquely positioned to help you overcome these challenges. You can rest easy knowing your patient data is secured across a unified digital portal, accessible by a broad range of legacy and custom healthcare application frameworks. So you can focus on simplifying the workflow for administrative workers and optimizing the end-to-end patient care experience.