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Bring Government Services Online with Jahia DXP

Both government employees and the general public expect an eGovernment; one which provides a personalized secure experience, ranging from local services to intergovernmental communication, via an enterprise-grade digital portal.

Jahia combines robust service creation, management and delivery with embedded data tracking at scale to help modernize bureaucratic processes. Designed for scale, Jahia enables consistent, data-driven processes across the municipal and federal level.


Easily Create a Flexible Digital Service

Our Digital Experience Platform (DXP) offers an expansive toolset geared towards supporting a digital service roll-out. It’s packaged with numerous templates to quickly create web pages for service portals, intranets and brochure sites, as well as providing hundreds of modules out-of-box - with wide ranging functionalities including form creation, data profile mapping, WYSIWYG document management, personalization & much more.

We specialize in enabling you to build out custom functionalities to replace legacy or disparate systems. You can leverage our application-embed framework to create a government portal that, no matter its technological architecture, can offer a seamlessly consistent service at scale.

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The ability to consolidate data across integrated applications is key to building a successful portal experience. Jahia’s embedded Digital Experience capabilities capture all necessary data-points across applications to build effective customer profiles. Not only does this create a consistent experience across-services, with quality of life benefits such as form-prefills, the experience can be tailored to each user, so that only relevant services or information displays according to behaviour, geo-location, session data and more.

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Never worry about the security of your constituents’ data. When handling the types of sensitive data captured by government portals, Jahia makes security & reliability our top priority.

From a technical standpoint, the Jahia platform can handle the entire end-to-end user authentication process standalone, or synchronise with in-house SSO or LDAP directories, for a seamless user verification experience across digital services.

We're HIPAA & ISO 27001 certified and our DXP is GDPR-ready, so government bodies can feel confident that the data captured by Jahia exceeds any mandated compliance requirements. We also guarantee an industry-leading 99.9% product uptime, along with fully-automated backup and restore, zero downtime platform upgrades, and 24/7 customer support.

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In result of this (Jahia-based) streamlining effort, in 2019 the Parliament has more sites, but fewer servers.

– Christophe Debauche, CMS Specialist at Atos Luxembourg PSF and Jahia Project Manager, The European Parliament

Government Use Cases

  • Public web content management system
  • Incident tracking portal
  • Employee & citizen intranets
  • Digital service portal

Platform Highlights

government portals built for scale

Digital Services at Scale

A single Jahia instance can handle hundreds of diverse sites with thousands of active users — scale a visually & functionally consistent experience across intranets, brochure-pages, voice, IoT apps, micro-sites, voice and more across local and federal government services.

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Integrate, Customize, Embed

Leverage StackConnect, Jahia’s no-code integration platform to connect your government portal to 400+ of the most popular IT applications. Harness our modular architecture to create custom processes, or use our application-embed framework to incorporate legacy & existing applications.

consistent digital government experiences

Consistent Experience

Our integration and build tools mean that, no matter the technology architecture, you can create consistent digital services across government, with a solid foundation of user data driving the experience.

searchable government portals

Highly Searchable

Jahia's search capabilities are cutting-edge, built using the GraphQL and ElasticSearch frameworks. If it’s an agency trying to discover the latest grant information or a taxpayer looking for the correct forms, Jahia will surface them in a single click with our Augmented Search function.

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  • Combine content and customer data so you're always delivering relevant experiences based on up-to-date customer insights.

  • With Jahia's hybrid DX platform, push your content across any channel quickly, easily, and without IT support.

  • Easily build on top of your existing technology and grow at your own pace. With Jahia, you'll always have the tools to seamlessly evolve your digital strategy.

  • With over 400 out-of-the-box connectors, all to best-in-class business applications, Jahia is built to help your business thrive.

Jahia DXP for government portals

Jahia for Government

Building out an effective government service to cope with the demands of digital transformation can be a challenge without the proper platform. The width and depth of pre-existing application infrastructure, coupled with the ever changing requirements of bureaucracy means, at their core, solutions need to be flexible.

Jahia delivers that flexibility — with tools to create, embed or integrate existing frameworks into a singular government portal platform. The underlying data capture capabilities provide the foundation for a future proof & consistent digital service, built on the tenants of security and reliability.