Transform or Become Obsolete — You Have No Choice


Digital experience (DX) is the key to successful business in today’s saturated economy. In fact, it is the ONLY differentiator any organization has to offer their market.

DX is the basis of all of today’s customer experiences (CX) in some way.

To be successful in business in today’s rigorous and dynamic landscape, company leadership must elevate the entire business ecosystem to new levels of frictionless operation. Profit is now the by-product of a customer-centric culture, agility and authentic transparency.

Clearly, business has evolved.

That means that what used to work to shape customer experiences will no longer work or, at least, will not work in the same way.

Let consider the contrast in how business has evolved from traditional to best practices in digital marketing today:

  • Traditional: Blast emails to announce new products and services.
  • DX Approach: Personalized content, driven by customer preferences, in a targeted way.
  • Traditional: Access to products & services with introduction via the Internet (i.e., Company Websites.
  • DX Approach: Customer journey mapping, progressive profiling and omnichannel presence - real-time, with geolocational promotions and in the local language.
  • Traditional: Static website that serves as a centralized brochure.
  • DX Approach: Websites must be responsive (change according to visitor’s device), mobile marketing campaigns and use of videos in marketing.

The need for digital transformation can begin with the CIO, CMO, or front-line employees. Wherever it begins, the entire organization will be affected (think of the ripples caused by a single pebble in a still lake).

The bottom line is that your organization could become obsolete without digital transformation to provide stellar, personalized customer experiences. While digital transformation can be a rigorous process and is a significant undertaking, it is the only path to remaining visible and viable with your customer audience.

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Lynn Scheurell