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The academy: all Jahia knowledge on a single platform.

The concept of Jahia academy  is based on three ideas: accessibility of information, centralization of documents and a documentation that is always relevant.


The creation of an online platform to host the official documentation of Jahia products involved a vast project of translation of these documents in HTML format. Once presented in the form of sometimes heavy PDF files - some documents had several hundred pages, this information is now presented on html pages whose summary is automatically generated. Our customers and integrators no longer need to download these files before consulting them, they can at any time connect to the academy and find the desired information by browsing the tree or by performing a search.
This is the second, and not least, benefit of this HTML version of our official documentation: it is now much easier to find the information we are looking for. Previously, one had to fetch the information in multiple PDF files after downloading them. Once the correct file was identified, it was necessary to browse it using the summary or by looking for a specific term, the HTML format offers a flexibility in the search that accelerates access to the relevant information. All the documentation is available on a single platform with a tree created according to a topic logic and the search function applies to the entire platform, which offers the possibility to find all the information related to a topic and to have an overall view of the subject.


This centralization of all our documents is essential: it allows a good understanding and use of Jahia products. The information, once divided into a multitude of separated files, is now connected. The search for information now gives access to a global view of the subject.
Moreover, this vision is no longer limited to official documentation: the academy also includes all our "techwikis" that answer more specific or cross-cutting questions. The integration of this important knowledge production makes it possible to supplement the information provided and to enrich the official documentation with operational information that answers actual cases of use of Jahia solutions.

Official documentation and techwikis are also enriched by the centralization of a first wave of video tutorials that illustrate case studies.

Always relevant information

The translation of all documentation into an HTML format and their gathering on a single platform makes sense if the information that is put online remains relevant over time.
In this matter, the academy is also a small revolution. The publication of information into html pages allows it to be updated in real time. There is no more need to regenerate an entire PDF file to update a specific point in a documentation. If the upgrade of a Jahia solution requires the creation of a new knowledge, it is created directly in an ad-hoc HTML page. In addition, corrections do not destroy information relevant to older versions: each HTML page displays the version of the product to which the information applies.
Our customers and partners no longer need to worry about the possible obsolescence of the PDF files they have already downloaded: they just need to log on to the academy to have access to the updated information. Indeed, each release of a new version, minor or major, is accompanied in advance by an update of the documentation. This updating work is done under the control of each Product Owner, which guarantees its relevance.

The App Store: Enhance smoothly your Jahia based platforms

The redesign of the Jahia App Store meets the same logic of simplicity of access to information and use of our solutions. The new version of this platform bringing together all the packages and modules of Jahia’s technical universe is not just a cosmetic overhaul.
We have redesigned the interface to allow our customers to easily find the desired information or module. First, our packages are highlighted. If you want to test one of our solutions or use the latest version, these packages are present at the top of the homepage of the App Store. All the modules are then presented in alphabetical order and we have redesigned the presentation cartels: a few words of presentation to understand the utility of each module. Modules logos are visually coherent to know to which solution they relate.
The category, tags and search functions have also been redesigned to enable our customers and partners to quickly and efficiently sort all the modules present and discover the module or modules that meet their needs.
Finally, the presentation template of each module has been redesigned. All the necessary information is present: description of each module, dependencies and requirement, applicable license, a link to the official documentation are displayed on the same page. As well as, of course, a function to download each Jar file.

What's next?

Both platforms will continue to evolve over the coming months. Without disclosing the future evolutions, one thing is certain: Academy and App Store are at your service. Each upgrade that will occur on these two platforms will have no other objective than to reinforce this service.

Manuel Singeot