Turn your CMS
into a DXP

Collect & analyze data, segment your audience, and personalize content with your existing CMS

With Jahia’s open-source Customer Data Platform (CDP), you can seamlessly collect customer data and deliver personalized interactions that drive conversions. This layer of customer data and personalization transforms your CMS into a DXP.

Deliver a seamless content experience

Provide your customers with a personalized, data-driven experience across your digital channels without having to replace your existing CMS.

With jExperience, you can generate personalizations and deliver tailored content for your segments via a simple JavaScript embed.

Jahia also collects first-party customer data and events, storing them in jCustomer, an open-source CDP.

Gather insights from analytic dashboards  covering a broad range of behavioral, interest and conversion metrics. Use these insights to identify and define new segments.

How does it work?

step 1

Quick Deploy with your Existing CMS

To start collecting data with Jahia, all you need to do is copy & paste our custom code snippet into the header of your web experience. That’s it. With this snippet deployed, all the user events and profile properties will be tracked across each user session and stored in Jahia’s Customer Data Platform (CDP).

If you’d rather create customer journeys and gather insights first-hand, Jahia’s Digital Experience Platform also includes a fully fledged CMS, one that allows you to harness our UI to easily create, manage, personalize and test content.

Whichever method suits your business, Jahia DXP caters to both with our hybrid approach.

Collect customer data
CDP that plugs into your existing cms
Deliver a seamless content experience

step 2

Gain Insights with Customizable Analytics Dashboards

As collected events and properties build visitor profiles, Jahia’s customizable analytics dashboards come alive. You’re given a detailed breakdown of page interactions to help you understand how your audience engages across your digital portfolio. Leverage this data to create customer segments to better target your customers and provide value.

Create customer segments

step 3

Increase Conversions with Personalized Customer Experiences

With your customer segments defined, use Jahia’s visual content interface to generate a variety of content types targeting your users, segments and accounts. Build personalizations driven by profile and segment data and embed them on your website with a small code snippet - Jahia will handle the entire personalization process. Prospects are more likely to become customers when engaging with an experience tailored to them.

Personalize content
optimize user journeys off of engagement data

Platform Highlights

customer data

Data-Driven Content

Content is key, but it's only half of the equation. Leverage our embedded CDP to get the most out of your content — with personalizations, score plans and segmentations driven by user profiles that capture behavioral, geo-location and custom data.

personalize with customer data

Personalized User Journeys

Create user journeys with a consistent narrative across all your digital channels. jExperience enables you to create dynamic, personalized content to engage with your audience and move leads down the funnel.

customer data from your entire app ecosystem

Maximize Your Ecosystem

Our integration tool, StackConnect, offers 400+ low code bi-directional integrations to the most popular business applications on the market. Ensure you get the most out of your entire application ecosystem by maintaining a consistent user record.

segment users with customer data

Segment Target Accounts

Build prospect and customer profiles that leverage custom properties, user events and engagement data from across your application ecosystem. Use these profiles to create dynamic segments so you can easily target high value accounts with engaging customer experiences.

omni-channel marketing

Multi-Channel Delivery

Jahia content is channel agnostic — you can use your existing digital architecture or quickly spin up new delivery channels, while leveraging a centralized digital experience platform to ensure brand-consistency across all devices and delivery methods.

increase roi with engagement insights

Increase ROI with Operational Analytics

Jahia comes with a full analytics suite to track user interest and conversions, so you can optimize your account based strategy. Maximize customer satisfaction and ROI by refining personalization rules and content in-platform reports.

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