Global Brand Consistency

Manage your network of websites and portals with global control and local autonomy
  • User-friendly content creation and editing through a single content repository
  • Multi-site, multi-language functionality
  • Customizable user roles & permissions
  • Headless-enabled - Create and re-use content across multiple channels, no matter the underlying technology


Customer-Centric Experiences

jContent is a data-driven CMS that links directly into your martech stack
  • Deliver content tailored to your customers' needs
  • Secure social logins, enabling user experiences that follow across web, mobile and digital apps
  • Integrated federated search, providing a Google-like web experience that grows alongside your customers
  • Connects with enterprise systems, ecommerce apps, social channels and more

Content Management Made Simpler

Intuitive content creation and editing across all your sites, from one location

"Leveraging Jahia’s multi-site, multi-language, cloud and mobile capabilities, along with Avantia’s sharp expertise on the platform ... Ben & Jerry’s has been the fastest digital rollout among Unilever brands."James Keyt, Director, Unilever
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