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Re: Changement du mot de passe root


J'aimerais changer ou réinitialiser le mot de passe root sous mon Jahia que je ne connais pas.

J'ai accès aux tools dans mon jahia, mais je ne vois pas comment changer le mot de passe root pour me connecter sur la console d'administration /start.






Pour réinitialiser le mot de passe root dans, vous pouvez suivre les instructions suivantes:





2019/06/05 08:37

Re: Générateur de flux RSS

Bonjour Robin,


You could implement an rss view like in default news example see:




2019/04/16 11:24

Re: Re: Re: add more seconds to the rotation of images in the slider


Normally the data-delay should help, but you have to set a data-deley on the ms-slide:


<div class="ms-slide" data-delay="8">


Maybe you changed the value on the layers? The layers just display the text. Important is that you configure it directly on the div for the slide. (The data-delay for the ms-slide is in seconds.

See also the documentation about the MasterSlide:






2019/01/23 12:45

Re: add more seconds to the rotation of images in the slider

Hi Andreas,

Normally it should be enough. Make sure that the changed module is redeployed well (maybe you have to use a newer version number, you can change it in the pom.xml). Also you have to flush all caches to be sure to have the effect in live mode.



2019/01/22 15:17

Re: Re: Re: Importing export in Jahia



Contains your export file default and live repository workspace files?


Can you check the log file. Do you see start import of repository.xml file? Do you have any OutOfMemory problem? Which functionallity to you use to import the file? Do you upload the file? Do use a path on server to the file?


best regards


2018/07/26 13:58

Re: Re: Re: DigitAll project code



The ACME Space site can also found in github:


best regards


2018/07/26 13:54

Re: import module in JAHIA from existing git repo on hard drive



You can build your module with maven directly on your harddisk (with command: mvn clean install ) . After that install the jar file from the target folder into your module folder (when the sources are available the studio will automatically load the sources when you install the jar file.


Have a nice day,

2017/11/17 11:54

Re: Publish in different language

Hi Ray,


It seems your node doesn't contain a french translation node. Means a subnode "j:translation_fr" onder the specific node. Can you check this? If this one not exists you have to create it. You can do that in edit mode when you update the content in french and add missing fields.



2017/09/06 05:58

Re: page no. in search result

Hi Ray,


In the jahia default module is a pager type. You can add this pager type in the top and/or on the bottom of a list (in some older jahia versions it is needed to have the pager on top of the list). After that you have to bind this pager to the related list. And the pager should work with the values which you entered when you add the pager.


best regards


2017/09/06 05:55

Re: Jahia 401 unauthorized Access Issue



When you deifne the ajax action, did you add requireAuthenticatedUser false?


<property name="requireAuthenticatedUser" value="false"/>


If yes can you attach your definition of your action?




2017/01/17 13:19

Re: Remote Publishing to a Staging site on the same server

Hi Maricar,


Did you publish the image itself, means in document manager when you upload the image. Because when you just use a reference to the image, it is  possible that the image itself is not published, and so it is not working for the remote publication. The problem with the reference when you are using the same server is that the image is not remote published, only the reference, so the image would be the same for both webprojects.

A seperate server is recommended because the content of the remote published webproject is only available in live workspace. But usually it should work on the same einvironment too (except with some restrictions, that some references are not completly remote published (as you see on the image example), in that case you have to make sure that the references are published well).


have a nice day,


2016/01/15 06:50

Re: Re: error after migration 6.6.2 to 7.0.0

Yes Oracle Java 8 is supported since Jahia Digitial Factory Earlier versions needs Java 7 or Java 6.



2015/08/07 11:17

Re: Create cron job / background job in jahia (custom defined)



In jahia 6.6.X.X and higher, Quartz is integrated, and you could implement own cron jobs very simple. You have to implement a job class which should inherit from and you have to implement the method:

 public void executeJahiaJob(JobExecutionContext ctx) throws Exception {



in the JobExecutionContext  you get all information about parameters, user all other job specific things.

So it means in this method you have to implement your job. In your case create the rss inside.


After that install this class file on your application server. You can put it in a module when you have the correct dependencies or you could put it as a main class directly in WEB-INF/classes or in a jar file in WEB-INF/lib in your jahia webapp.

After that you can register the job for instance in the groovy console in the jahia tools (http://yourserver:yourport/toos) like, when you execute follow code (org.jahia.background.YourOwnJOBImplementation is in that case the implemented job class):

   org.quartz.JobDetail detail ="Job Name", org.jahia.background.YourOwnJOBImplementation.class);

    // you could set some parameters for the job if it is needed in the dataMap. This parameters would be available in the YourOwnJOBImplementation class

      org.quartz.JobDataMap dataMap = detail.getJobDataMap();
        dataMap.put("parameter1", "ACMESPACE");
      org.quartz.CronTrigger trigger = new org.quartz.CronTrigger("jobName", "Maintanace", "0 0/10 * * * ?");
      org.jahia.registries.ServicesRegistry.getInstance().getSchedulerService().getScheduler().scheduleJob(detail, trigger);


That means the executeJahiaJob method will be called every 10 minutes. And will be processed on the ProcessingNode (if you have a cluster). To remove the job from the scheduler you could use the jobadministration in the jahia tools: http://server:port/tools/jobadmin.jsp 

Another way would be to configure a spring file with a ramJob (means this job is not stored in DB, and will be started automatically when the server starts. For that you have to define a spring configuration file with a bean like:

    <bean parent="jobSchedulingBean">
        <property name="jobDetail">
            <bean class="org.springframework.scheduling.quartz.JobDetailBean">
                <property name="name" value="ContentHistoryPurgeJob" />
                <property name="jobClass" value="" />
                <property name="group" value="Maintenance" />
                <property name="description" value="Content history purge" />
                <property name="jobDataAsMap">
                        <entry key="userkey" value=" system " />
                        <entry key="jobScriptPath" value="/WEB-INF/var/scripts/groovy/purgeContentHistory.groovy" />
        <property name="trigger">
            <bean class="org.quartz.CronTrigger">
                <property name="name" value="ContentHistoryPurgeTrigger"/>
                <!-- run every year -->
                <property name="cronExpression" value="0 0 0 L DEC ? *"/>
                <!-- run every hour to debug -->
                <!--property name="cronExpression" value="0 0 * * * ?"/-->


This example is a jahia default job to purge the content History. In that case you can implement instead the class a groovy script which can create the rss.

NOTE: a ram job will be executed on every node in a cluster where it is configured.

I hope it helps,



2015/07/13 15:16

Re: Re: How to unlock node programatically



How do you try that?

Normally first code should work. For instance you could use the jcrConsole.jsp with follow code (e.g. for homepage of ACME-SPACE website):

JCRNodeWrapper node= session.getNode("/sites/ACME-SPACE/home");


This should unlock the node.




2012/10/02 08:25

Re: Tomcat-installation: User

Hi Gregor,

The Tomcat user Jahia with role manager can be used for some special Jahia Features like the JAM monitoring report and the preCompileServlet.

E.g. you can try to call http://server:port/preCompileServlet so you must enter this User and password.

It is specified in the web.xml.

Additional exists in web.xml another role: jahiaManager
We didn't create a default user for this role because with this role you can use more jahia features like viewCache, tools, etc.
But this features are administration features and shouldn't be reachable per default.

So the sense of this user is to safe some jahia servlets. But if you don't need the preCompileServlet or the JAM monitoring report. You can remove the user from the tomcat-users.xml

best regards

2011/06/07 20:53

Re: Remote Portlets Devlopment


For that you can find some informations in jahiapedia:

Portlets in jahia have the JSR-168 standard.

best regards

2011/06/07 20:44

Re: How to remove javascript from template?

Hi Marc,

The problem the attribute includeGwtCSS is only available in the template:templateHead tag but it is a new attribute it was added in Jahia 6.1.1_HF3 build 37857 (downloadable on our extranet).
The attribute supress the inclusion of the GWT js files and GWT JS Header information.

The attribute is only available since this hotfix for that we didn't update the javadoc because the javadoc is working related to all Jahia 6.1.1 versions.

The JS at the end of the page is a dictionary, which only contains message which are used for common multilingual javascript messages if it is needed.
Currently no option exists to supress this dictionary GWT messages.
For sure we should add the same attribute in templateBody tag as in the templateHead to supress this java code.

best regards
Werner Assek

2011/06/07 20:11

Re: Jahia 6 CE and templates


If you already created a site with a template set it isn't possible to change the template for the Homepage.
So you have to specify before your homepage Template.

You must do that manually in the templates.xml which you can find in every templateset in the root folder like

In the templates Tag you can find the homepage Attribute, which specify the homepage template which is defined inside the templates tag:
e.g. For web_templates it is Home which is defined inside the templates tags:
lt;templates default=

2011/06/07 20:10

Re: webdav templates


For a selected path you can use the the expandTo to attribute:

lt;ajax:complexTreeInclude divID=

2011/06/07 20:10

Re: Jahia5: Diplay expired Time Based Publishing items

2011/06/07 20:07

Re: scheduled job

Hello Mario,

I see your problem.
Do you use a wrong loadContainer Method. In this case if you want to load the container you need a ParamBean object.

ParamBean jParam = new ParamBean(
JahiaContainer jc = ctnService.loadContainer(id, LoadFlags.ALL, jParams);

The ServletResources class returns request, reesponse and a Context of the current Thread. That you can create a ParamBean Object.

When you have no ParamBean object to read a Jahiacontainer you get this NullPointerException (your used method is deprecated).

best regards

2011/06/07 20:03

Re: Jahia 6 - randomContainer tag question


In edit mode we display all containers because you need the possibility to change the containers.
But you can use the windowSize=quot;1

2011/06/07 19:55

Re: Custom Metadata - Jahia 5.0.6 r25558

Hi Carlos,

Where do you add your value on the metadata? Because there are two different metadatas, one on the contentPage and one on the contentContainer.
The difference, if you add the metadata to the ContentPage, you have to open the Page Settings from an existing Page. If you add the metadata to the container, you can do that on containercreation, where you add the fields or update a special container.

In your case you read the metadata from the contentPage:
final String someFieldPage = thePage.getContentPage().getMetadataValue(/1

In this case you have to call the getParent Method two times because the first call returns the ContentField (the pagefield), and the parent of the field is the container, which contain the metadata.

best regards

2011/06/07 18:49

Re: Costum logic


I think you have more possibilities.

1. you can modify the engine jsp like the containeredit.jsp or pageproperties jsp. All engine jsp resources are under the directory webapps/ROOT/engines. For instance inside this jsps you can open an additional popup with a your product catalog.

2. You can have instead the action menu your own link which opens your own logic and inside your own logic you forward to the right engine. In this case you need some parameters which are forwarded to the engine.


2011/06/07 18:44

Re: JahiaTemplateServiceException


When you copy the jahia directory. Do you already had a running jahia on the destination?
Maybe the timestamps of the definition files are to old. You should open your definitions.cnd and templates.xml and save it again that the timestamps get newer. After that the deployment of the template should work.

When you copy a Jahia to another server you should delete the work folder of tomcat.

best regards

2011/06/07 18:44

Re: Simple forms in Jahia


For that you could define a simple Containerlist. e.g. your contact datas with field name, telephone, address. whatever.

Then you have esielier the possibility to add a GWT From
like this
/1 tag.


2011/06/07 18:35