Boost your SEO performance with direct access to Semji in your CMS


Jahia is based on a framework that enables organizations to create websites optimized for natural search engine optimization (SEO). The technical SEO performance of many sites built with Jahia achieves scores between 90 and 100 in Google Lighthouse. Thanks to the partnership between Jahia and Semji, you now have access to a powerful tool for boosting your semantic SEO, in addition to this foundation of technical SEO performance.

Technical SEO + Editorial SEO + Internal linking: all your SEO managed directly in your CMS

Your website's onsite SEO performance criteria are 3 things :

  1. A high-performance technical architecture (Core Web Vitals, mobile accessibility, site architecture, data structuring...),
  2. Quality content to meet user intent and Google bot ranking criteria,
  3. Internal links to improve content crawlability and semantic authority.

The Jahia platform enables organizations to create websites and web portals that meet Google's highest standards for technical SEO. But the best-performing websites, without the content that goes with them, are not enough to win positions on Google and other search engines for your key queries.

With Semji, the reference tool in SEO Content, and its extension for Jahia, you can add this brick to your CMS in just a few clicks. Search volume, content depth (optimal text volume), related queries, complementary terms, questions associated with the target query (PAA and frequent interrogative queries), internal meshing, competition... The Semji extension performs a complete analysis of your web pages in your content editing interface, enabling you to rapidly gain positions on search engines.

While the extension is easy to use directly in your CMS, you also have access to a whole range of complementary tools in the Semji interface. In addition to the SEO plugin features, you'll have access to the full range of Semji capabilities:

  • Content idea generator,
  • Performance tracking (clicks, conversion tunnel, revenue generated, customized reports...),
  • Collaborative editorial planning,
  • AI-assisted content creation,

Semji in Jahia: how to use the SEO connector in your CMS?

To boost the SEO performance of your content directly in your Jahia CMS, you need the Semji connector. You can then monitor your editorial planning, analyze your pages, and even rely on AI to help you write your content (AI Chat).

How to improve the SEO of your web pages directly in your CMS in 5 steps with the Semji plugin :

  1. Go to the page you want to improve;
  2. Define the keyword for which you want to optimize your content;
  3. Check the benefit of optimization on the target query based on search volume;
  4. Edit your content to turn all indicators green (title tag, content depth, search intent, questions, related terms, inbound and outbound links);
  5. Observe directly the results of your optimizations on the quality of your content, thanks to the Semji Content Score.

Jahia: one of the best CMS for SEO?

Our technology has proven its ability to create websites to the highest SEO standards. MAAF, Arkema, Ascensus, Cerbaliance, and Europcar are just some of the organizations that have used Jahia to create websites with SEO scores between 90 and 100 on Google Lighthouse.