Make Every Experience Matter

Customer data and personalization seamlessly integrated into your jContent system
  • Real-time customer profiling and dynamic segmentation
  • Omni-channel personas that follow your customers wherever they go
  • Content enrichment based off of demographics, user behavior, and context
  • Unified customer data management through our award-winning customer data platform
igor-miske-JVSgcV8_vb4-unsplash-resize1980x1194.jpg (jExperience - headless-optional -API-first CMS - combines with open-source Apache Unomi CDP)

Optimize Conversion Rates

Continuously measure, analyze, and improve with built-in analytics and A/B testing
  • On-demand insights from CRM and Marketing Automation
  • Multi-variant testing
  • Single dashboard campaign tracking and reporting
  • Decisioning tools that prioritize customers and identify engaged prospects

Guarantee Customer Trust and Confidence

Deliver transparent, user-approved experiences that delight
  • First party, GDPR-compliant data collection and ownership
  • Built-in privacy management, giving visitors full control over their data
  • Profile enrichment, including form mapping and social logins
Al-Monitor personalizes reader experience with jExperience“Al-Monitor readers can be driven towards additional personalized content that corresponds ... to what they have already accessed. This data follows our customers where they go, so it’s a consistent experience whether they are getting these recommendations in their inbox or on the website or both.”  Valerie Voci, Head of Digital Strategy and Marketing at Al-Monitor
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