Your no-stress customer data hub

Reduce time, complexity and costs associated with gathering and unifying GDPR-compliant customer data.
  • Easily connect to disparate data sources and applications with Jahia Connectors to aggregate, integrate and unify your customer data.
  • Create your own custom plugins to extend built-in API functionality. Define new conditions and actions, deploy predefined rules or property types, and implement new functionality using OSGi bundles.
  • Out-of-the-box privacy management components such as consent management, profile anonymization, profile downloads, personal data editing and “do not track” options helps ensure data collected is compliant with global regulations including GDPR.

Designed for integration

With Apache Karaf (OSGi) at its core, jCustomer lets you be flexible in when, where, and how you gather and utilize your customer data.
  • Use jCustomer to deliver personalization capabilities within your web CMS.
  • Build data collection and analytics into native mobile apps without impacting app performance.
  • Develop a centralized profile management system that follows your customers across all your systems for consistent customer experiences across all your digital channels.
  • Manage consents using jCustomer’s extensive privacy management features.

Deliver better customer experiences, everywhere

Add unified customer data to existing experiences to deliver true one-to-one digital experiences
  • Create and store persistent and consolidated profiles for all your visitors, anonymous or otherwise, automatically.
  • Enrich customer profiles with relevant data from across your technology stack.
  • Plug jCustomer  into your analytics, CRM or marketing automation software and use your unified customer data for analysis, segmentation, A/B testing, and more.

Want a fully-integrated digital experience platform that pairs jCustomer with our award-winning global content management solution to deliver truly stand-out experiences?

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The Jahia Support difference

Get access to the original contributors and lead developers of Apache Unomi 

With enterprise support for the powerful Apache Unomi open-source CDP, jCustomer helps IT teams collect, manage and leverage real-time, compliant customer data from multiple sources, from desktop to mobile applications.

You gain access to the original contributors and lead developers of Apache Unomi who will provide support and bug fixes as well as additional services such as plug-in development assistance, consulting and training.

Choose the Jahia Cloud subscription for Customer Data Platform as a service, operated by Jahia’s global cloud teams, 24/7. You own your data with our single tenant architecture. 

Your environment or ours. Your stack. Your choice. Your customer data.

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What is a CDP?CDPs, or Customer Data Platforms, have recently become a hot-button topic of conversation. Mentioned usually, but not always, in the same breath as DXPs. Now, while we wouldn’t necessarily say that it’s incorrect to pair these two together, it is important to know that DXPs and CDPs are not the same thing. 
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Apache Unomi is now a top level project of the Apache Software Foundation.
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