jCustomer - open source customer data platform (CDP)

jCustomer is Jahia’s proprietary Customer Data Platform (CDP) engine, powered by Apache Unomi. Built by the same team that developed Unomi, jCustomer takes those leading data management tools and funnels them through our award-winning platform, delivering actionable customer data that you can put to use immediately.


Manage All Your Customer Data

From One Central Location

jCustomer connects with all the different customer data silos in your digital technology stack. That means all your data is collected in one place, from any event that occurs across your DXP, and can be managed with one simple, easy-to-use dashboard.

Build Enhanced Visitor Profiles

To Use Across Your Customer Journeys

With each new piece of data, jCustomer automatically builds profiles for your visitors which are then updated and consolidated in real-time into one unified customer view. You can then define goals, assign interest tags, and initiate scoring plans that can later be used for detailed analysis.


Make Decisions And Trigger Actions

Across Your Platform

From machine-learning to rule-based decisioning, jCustomer’s data is designed to be easily leveraged to trigger events and actions anywhere on your platform. And with jExperience, Jahia’s personalization engine, you can use it to deliver truly one-to-one digital experiences to your customers.

Extend Your Data’s Capabilities

With Jahia’s Built-in Marketing Tools

jCustomer connects to analytics, CRM, marketing automation software, and more so your customer data is accessible across your marketing stack. This also works in reverse - augmenting your jCustomer-collected data with additional datasets taken from third-party platforms.

Jahia's contribution to the Apache Software Foundation

Built On Apache Unomi

Apache Unomi, the open-source basis for jCustomer, was originally developed in-house at Jahia by our co-founder and CTO, Serge Huber, along with his team of developers. We donated the source code to the Apache project because we believe in the power of open source to improve how we manage and collect customer data. jCustomer is the extension of that same belief, enhanced with enterprise features so our customers can easily deploy our CDP capabilities into their day-to-day marketing efforts.