jExperience - experience personalization platform

jExperience is a personalization engine built on top of our Customer Data Platform (CDP) which combines content management with customer data. jExperience empowers marketers to test, evaluate, and optimize every digital interaction to deliver individualized customer experiences.


Know Your Customers Better

With Full-View Analytics

Jahia takes the complexity out of data collection and management. Link all of your disparate data silos together with jCustomer, our CDP, to build a 360 view of your customers. Then with jExperience, build customer profiles and segment your audience by socio-demographic, behavioral, and custom properties all via a single dashboard.

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Deliver Targeted Experiences

Aimed To Delight

jExperience gives you the power to deliver content based on each individual customer’s journey. Customize content based on segments, individual customer profile information, or static list membership. Launch content, evaluate with A/B Testing and real-time analytics and reporting, then optimize it based on the resulting data. The end result is a customer that feels personally connected to your brand.

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Leveraging Jahia’s multi-site, multi-language, cloud and mobile capabilities...Ben & Jerry’s has been the fastest digital rollout among Unilever brands.

– Jim Keyt, Director of Digital Services, Unilever

Maintain Trust

With Built-in Consent Management

From GDPR to CCPA and beyond, jExperience is designed to help you stay compliant with the latest in data privacy laws. These capabilities extend out to all of the Jahia platform, including forms, social logins, and more.

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Grow And Expand Your Capabilities

With Best-of-Breed Technology

Your marketing technology stack is unique to you. With over 400 available connectors, all to industry-leading technologies, jExperience can be sculpted to fit whatever shape your stack takes while still ensuring that your personalization and data management capabilities flow through.

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