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Digital Experience Manager is the acclaimed core platform that helps you create and deliver personalized digital experiences for your in-house staff and end-user customers. Integrate Digital Experience Manager easily with other Jahia products - Form Factory, Workspace Factory, Marketing Factory - to efficiently make the most of your platform.

Marketing Effectiveness

Amplify marketing efforts to drive leads and grow business.

Digital Experience Manager helps you ensure brand continuity, optimize in-house workflow and amplify marketing efforts through marketing automation, personalization and testing for a unified customer journey. A single, comprehensive user experience platform reduces potential errors and improves information distribution cycles.

Low barriers for entry, such as intuitive interfaces, easy-to-use tools and simple multi-lingual, multi-site publication,  allow contributors to increase content publishing initiatives. Built-in workflows help manage the approval process and uphold editorial standards to reduce cost and improve timelines of information delivery cross channels.

Design and content changes are faster and easier, which reduces reliance on developers and / or third-party support. Your customers benefit by having a seamless experience whether via web or mobile device.  And your in-house expertise is optimized both through collaboration and through frictionless performance.

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Proactive Customer Experiences

Make your customer the center of your organization.

Customer experience (CX) is the sum of all touchpoints through the customer relationship. Serve your customers with personalized, context-aware content based on location, behavior patterns or stated preferences through multiple channels for a seamless experience with your brand.

By getting a 360-degree view of your customer through data capture, you can ensure not only the right message at the right time but also the right infrastructure to support that process. As your organization becomes customer-centric, internal systems must shift to accommodate. This is the heart of digital enterprise transformation - to reinvent operations to support customer engagement on every level.

Your customer should be the center of everything - your messaging, marketing, systems, infrastructure and more.  Digital Experience Manager makes that simple so you can harness the power of intentional customer experiences to drive  business growth.

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Build With Agility

Respond to changing market conditions in the moment.

Digital Experience Manager is an open source, standards-based platform, with plug-and-play architecture and pre-build accelerators, that enables both IT and Marketers to rapidly respond to changing market conditions. Easily extend platform functionality by building new components through Jahia Studio or or using ready-to-go modules through the Jahia AppStore.

Jahia set the standard for clean architecture; accordingly, Digital Experience Manager / Experience is built on state-of-the-art code, including HTML5, CSS and has service-based integration through REST.

With Digital Experience Manager / Experience, you can:

  • Quickly and easily publish multi-lingual websites that track and manage every step of the user journey,
  • Extend your public-facing brand experiences with new capabilities, and,
  • Launch new global initiatives, users and content that all integrate into existing structures.

With its intuitive interface, Digital Experience Manager / Experience requires no coding or IT skills to create or update any kind of rich content online, keeping technical training costs to a minimum and teams focused on their core business functions.

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There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ User Experience Platform available;
instead, there is the one right one for you - tailored, simple and expandable.

Customer-Centric + Enterprise-Wide Transformation Readiness + Practical Vision =
Digital Experience Manager


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