[EN] Marketing Factory 1.6

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Providing the smoothest and most personalized experience to their customers is key to Digital Marketers. In meeting their clients’ expectations, they will ensure higher conversion rates to their campaigns, landing pages and content.

This is what Marketing Factory is granting them with: data driven optimization and personalization tools, based on powerful analytics to deeply understand their visitors’ expectations.

This presentation cover the new features brought by this version:

  • AB testing
    • At page level (already possible at any content level)
    • Traffic allocation based on each variant
    • Dashboards on both pages and content
    • Preview enhancement
  • Personalization
    • At page level (already possible at any content level)
    • Dashboards on both pages and content
    • Personalized carousel
    • Personalized content API to retrieve the right content for the current visitor from your web or mobile application.
  • Social Login
    • Enrich visitors profiles with data from social networks (LinkedIn, Facebook)

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