Pôle Emploi

Modernize the web publishing and manage multiple websites from one central location



As part of a large-scale digital strategy, Pôle Emploi has launched a project to redesign its editorial system using the Jahia solution. This redesign was partly about the technology, with a desire to disengage from an obsolete web platform, but also about facilitating the aggregation and multi-channel use of editorial content produced in-house.
Thomas Le Clère, Technical Manager Atos Digital Factory



Pôle Emploi is a French public institution that focuses on facilitating a return to employment for job seekers while also offering recruitment solutions adapted to meet individual company needs. With over 54,000 employees spread out across 915 local offices and Pôle Emploi branches, they manage over 8.2 million registered job seekers while working with 403,000 hiring companies.



  • Pôle Emploi needed to replatform: With obsolete technology that hindered their ability to grow, they had to identify a solution that could empower their editorial abilities and support multiple national and regional websites. 
  • Fully-autonomous content creation and publication: Modernize and reduce the time of their web publishing, with an easy-to-use UI 
  • Multi-site, Multi-channel management from a single, centralized hub thanks to integrations 
  • Aggregate content produced at the national and regional levels while also embedding editorial content from newspapers on their sites.
  • External technology support



regional websites





  • A modern, dynamic web publishing platform built for editors and contributors 
  • Headless CMS capabilities: deliver raw content in JSON format to distribute content not just to their websites but also to various other applications, whether mobile or third-party.
  • Fully-integrated CDP and data aggregation : “The business objective is also to collect data on our audiences. We work with Pôle Emploi’s Audience and Analytics division to obtain analytical data about our audience. The aim is to evaluate the relevance of the published content, improve natural referencing on search engines, mainly by focusing on the websites’ tagging plan and SEO.” Thomas Le Clère
  • Website Factory: Ability to create event sites to landing pages to single-page campaign sites.
  • Multiple national and regional websites: Content published at the national level is reused on regional sites and vice versa, all from one single view.
  • Customizable interface and permissions management : Create specific contributor roles that allow access to features relevant to their needs.
  • Profiling capabilities: Allow specific content to be pushed to specific visitors throughout their digital engagement with the company, no matter if they were a job seeker, company, or recruiter.